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Tone Up on the Beach with FitFlops

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

FitFlopsGoing to the gym, using weights… boring, get yourself a pair of FitFlops instead and walk your muscles to toned perfection! FitFlops are a genius invention that allow you to work out while you walk, plus they look fab too. The shoes have a special mid-sole that activates and stimulates muscles by challenging your support and balance helping to tone up your legs and bum.

I don’t know about you but I always feel really sluggish on holiday because I eat and drink more than usual and lay on the sunbed for most of the day. I take my gym stuff with me but sadly never quite make it to the hotel fitness room! Now I’m not even going to bother taking my trainers and support bra with me – I’ll tone up by walking on the beach or from club to club!!

FlipFlops are available in a number of styles for both men and women, the ones pictured are my personal favourite and they cost about £36 depending on where you shop. Check out the official FlipFlop Website for all the styles and stockists.

Sale at the Savoy!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Sayoy HotelThe Savoy hotel in London is a national treasure and has had some of the most famous people of the 20th century sleeping in its suites and performing in its lounges. The hotel closed a couple of days ago for a 100 million pound refit and for the next three days they will auctioning some of the historic furniture, dinnerware and fittings from the hotel. You can pick up some very collectible items from china cups to the 12-panel, trompe l’oeil painted screen by Lincoln Taber.

Some other interesting things up for auction are a 24-light chandelier under which Noel Coward and Anna Pavlova performed and the contents of the Monet suit where Claude Monet painted a view of the Thames. My piece to watch is the white grand piano, which was often performed on by Frank Sinatra during his many stays at the hotel. Its expected to reach a modest 2-3000 pounds which would be an absolute bargain.

You can pick up some more affordable art deco treasures such as lamps and rugs, and even asparagus tongs. If you have ever stayed in one of the hotel’s magnificent suites and wished you could take something home with you pay a visit to the hotel between the 18-20th of December. To gain entrance you need a copy of the catalogue, which costs £30. If you want to bid, you need to register beforehand. See or read the article from the Telegraph from more information.

Girls Travel Club

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Cooling Neck WrapFor all you girls out there with the travelling bug I have found the perfect website that’s put all the experience and knowledge from fellow travellers into sourcing natural and hard-to-find travel products. believes that just because you have to travel light on your adventures, doesn’t mean you don’t want to travel beautifully. The whole collection is full of fab and useful things that are sourced naturally!! The sites top priority is to keep us girls safe whilst travelling so will provide a training course on first aid and travel skills and it appears they always have a travel expert at the end of an email to answer any queries.

Some of the sites current best sellers include these Cobber cooling neck wraps. The idea originates from Australia and helps keep your body temperature in check when in hot climates. Apparently all you do is hold it in cold water for 30 minutes and it will stay cool for up to 3 days – genius!! Its not badly priced either at £13.49.

Travel JournalThey also stock some great travel journals so you can capture your thoughts and action at all times. This roger la borde travel journal costing £9.95 includes diary space, contents section, journey planner and photo pockets – what more could you need!!

So if you’re about to hit the trail then this website is a must, you will find everything you need and more – however you should think of how much your rucksack will hold before having too much of a spending spree!!

Printed Vintage Purses

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Printed Vintage PursesI love clip up coin purses simply because they are nice and easy to carry around and given the right design, can be used as a great bag substitute if you’re travelling light!

So when I found these coin purses from, I instantly fell in love with them. They are made to such a high quality and have fun and quirky but yet classy designs and all for just £15.

They really look like something you would stumble across in an upmarket vintage store, but why hunt around the shops when you can sit back and buy such retro styles on the net. The whole site is full of individual accessories and designer clothes. There is something for everyone’s budget so I highly recommend taking a look!

Christmas Girly Desires

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Calmia Eye MaskStill searching for Christmas gifts? I am, sadly I either purchase in advance or forget, so browsing the internet and fashion print is an essential to finding gifts. After hearing about a brand called Calmia, I Googled it, continued on to and clicked to purchase. I was offered three optional website stockists and I found Pleased to find that not only do they have Calmia products but there are lots of other brands and ideal Christmas gifts to choose from too.

This Calmia silk eye mask and pouch is gorgeous and girly, comes in three colours, chocolate, green and rose. It costs £15 and seems perfect for those days you just don’t want to wake up on. Visit What a Girl Wants to see for yourself.

Brighten Up Your Journey

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

38oystersfixed414x414_0.jpgTravel cards are an essential accessory for every Londoner – but they are certainly not the most attractive one. Well now you can jazz up your travel cards with this special designer pouch. There is a choice of two designs. One is a funky Julian MacDonald creation (pictured) and the other is a more simple leaf design designed by Presenter Fearne Cotton.

The great thing about these cards is not only will they liven up a dull tube journey but they have been made in aid of Breast Cancer Care so all proceeds go to the charity. You can purchase these cards for only £5 from the Breast Cancer Care website. These pouches will definitely make you want to take your oyster card out of your bag when you swipe it.

The Ultimate Pink Travel Kit

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Pink Travel KitHow cute is this pink vanity case from The Pink Tool Box Company, if you’re a well travelled gal this could be ideal for your adventures away from home. The case contains a folding hairdryer, mini iron so your clothes always look in tip top shape, a two-pin continental adaptor (appliances come with UK plugs) , 3 mini bottles to fill up with your favourite shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, a pink passport cover, pink padlock and a pink suitcase tag.

All the items fit snugly in the case and if it has to leave your side you can lock it up with the padlock provided. The kit costs £32 – not bad when you consider how much you get and is available at for all to buy. They have some great other pink products for home and travel as well.

Picnic Valise For 2

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Picnic Valise For 2This week we’ve finally been having some sunshine to enjoy and I for one am making the most of it. In true British style I’ve been rolling up my trousers and baring my white legs as soon as the sun pops out from behind the clouds. I’m staying optimistic that the suns going to be around for the next few weeks so when I came across this Picnic Valise I just had to get it.

This weekend I plan to pack up a picnic, head off to the coast and enjoy a relaxing day in the warm sun. The best bit… I don’t have to worry about planning everything I’ll need for my picnic – I can just slide this picnic set into my car and head off early to miss the thousands of other motorists with the same idea.

Packed with two dinner plates, two bowls, two tumblers, two mugs, two sets of knives and forks, two teaspoons, two napkins and a dirty plates bag … what else could you need? Apart from a corkscrew perhaps?! Prepare the food the night before and you’ll be good to go. For only £24.95 this has to be an essential summer item.

Come stand under my umbrella -ella -ella -Oh -oh -oh

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

UmberellaThere’s a silver lining in all those miserable clouds we’ve been seeing recently… a chance to show off your incredibly glam Juicy Couture umbrella. This not so subtle pink heart printed umbrella with huge gold juicy label will make you look trendy, rich and dry!

Complete with carry case it’s the perfect accessory to go in your juicy bag and protect that juicy tracksuit – towelling takes so long to dry you know. At £55 it’s certainly not cheap but then again that’s the point isn’t it.

Grab one at It also comes in black – great to take on a night out!

The Trikke

Monday, July 9th, 2007

The TrikkeApparently the Trikke is the hottest new celebrity exercise gadget used by stars such as Jennifer Anniston. The movement involves shifting your weight from side to side like skiing and is supposed to burn off the equivalent of 30 minutes on a treadmill in just 15 minutes. I think it would take a bit of getting used to as it’s not a movement used in every day life, unless you’re a skier of course.

On a hot summers day this will probably be great fun, but not with the weather we’ve recently had in Britain. I can see this being a big hit in LA amongst the roller skaters on the beach front. The Trikke is available at Trikke UK and costs £299, bearing in mind this is how much you’d pay for a treadmill I don’t think it’s too bad – also this looks much more fun! Below is a demonstration of how the Trikke should be used.