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Propose to your man on February 29th

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Leap year picFor many, this Friday might be more important as the last working day of the week (woo- hoo!) but as the 29th of February, it is also a leap year. There is a commercial from Galaxy chocolate that encourages women to enjoy this extra day and rather predictably, indulge in a little cocoa fun, but traditionally this day means more to females than a sugary snack – it means we can propose marriage to men. Now of course in this enlightened 21st Century, we ladies don’t need history to approve of our life choices, but for those that like having century’s worth of support – tomorrow is the day to talk commitment with your man.

Where did this bizarre custom come from? The Scottish parliament as ruled over by Queen Margaret introduced a law in 1288 that a women could propose on such a day. If the man said no, he should offer a gift of a silk gown, gloves or a kiss to avoid disappointment, with Switzerland and France also enjoying similar traditions. So practice getting down on one knee this leap year and of course, let us know here at The New Pink how it all goes. See the Leapzine for further info.

A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila

Friday, January 18th, 2008

A new series is coming to MTV ONE that I can imagine will be very entertaining. Tila Tequila, a gorgeous young gal is looking for love in this new reality TV show called ‘A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila’.

The twist is that she’s actually bisexual and has to make her mind up whether she wants a hunky male or a sexy female. 32 potential love interests move in (16 male, 16 female) but they don’t know yet that their main competition could be the opposite sex!

The program starts Sunday January 20th on MTV ONE.

How To Walk In High Heels

Monday, October 29th, 2007

How To Walk In High Heels by Camilla MortonLooking for a girly gift this Christmas? How to Walk in High Heels by Camilla Morton is ideal for the quintessential girl about town.

A Sunday Times Best seller, How to Walk in High Heels is The Girls Guide to Everything and is not far off its title and slogan. With chapters containing titles such as how to be stylish, how to be groomed, how to deal with unpleasant situations and how to perform, to name a few, this read is perfect for a perfectionist. According to the book, Camilla Morton studied at Central St Martins and spent her final year working at Vogue then moved to Paris and worked for John Galliano at Christian Dior. With a long list of credentials Morton seems to have an idea about what women should be and you can find some handy tips in this read.

Invest in your copy at Amazon currently selling for £4.79… bargain!

Charlotte Church Keep Smiling

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Charlotte Church Keep SmilingAt the age of 12 Charlotte Church rose to international fame as a popular classical artist. Since the day she burst onto the scene she has remained in the media and we have followed her journey from pop princess… to bagging rugby star boyfriend Gavin… to having her own chat show and now preparing to be a mum. Wow little Charlotte has been busy over the years and now you can hear her side of the whole story with her autobiography ‘Keep Smiling’. OK so she’s only 21 years old and you might think she’s a little young to be writing an autobiography, but she has achieved so much already that there’s plenty to talk about.

If you’re a fan of Char I’m sure you’ll enjoy this book as much as I did, she doesn’t hold back at all and makes you want to read more every time you put it down. The book is currently available at for £10 reduced from £18.99 so get in quick before they run out of copies!

Just Married Panties

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Just Married HotpantsIf your big day is approaching and you want something sexy but classy for your wedding night then check out these just married knickers and hotpants from Bridal Party Tees. You can choose from a camisole with hotpants or thong or even a low rise bikini. The garments are available in black with white writing, white with black writing, pale blue with dark blue writing or pale pink with dark pink writing. I personally prefer the black hotpants, I think they’re fab!

Just Married KnickersThe website also offers other great slogans on underwear, t-shirts and even handbags all related to the big day. Some of my favourites are ‘Bachelorette Support Crew’, ‘Buy Me a Shot, I’m Tying the Knot’ and ‘Father of the Bride AKA Man with the Maxed Out Credit Card’. They have something to suit all guests and all events while your wedding is in full swing. I found this website through Intimate Guide who have some great lingerie reviews and ideas.

Skins Series 1 on DVD

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Skins DVD Box SetThe fast paced television series that premiered on E4 at the beginning of this year is due to be released to DVD on the 24th September.

The British drama series follows a group of eleven teenagers aged 16-18 years around in Bristol, who’s every day lives deal with drugs, sexuality, religion, race and eating disorders. After a successful first series, Skins has been commissioned for a second series and the first series is currently being aired for the second time on Channel 4. So start watching in preparation for series 2!

Watch it on Channel 4 now, currently aired on Tuesday evenings at 10pm or pre-order the brand new box set from for £14.98.

Picnic Valise For 2

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Picnic Valise For 2This week we’ve finally been having some sunshine to enjoy and I for one am making the most of it. In true British style I’ve been rolling up my trousers and baring my white legs as soon as the sun pops out from behind the clouds. I’m staying optimistic that the suns going to be around for the next few weeks so when I came across this Picnic Valise I just had to get it.

This weekend I plan to pack up a picnic, head off to the coast and enjoy a relaxing day in the warm sun. The best bit… I don’t have to worry about planning everything I’ll need for my picnic – I can just slide this picnic set into my car and head off early to miss the thousands of other motorists with the same idea.

Packed with two dinner plates, two bowls, two tumblers, two mugs, two sets of knives and forks, two teaspoons, two napkins and a dirty plates bag … what else could you need? Apart from a corkscrew perhaps?! Prepare the food the night before and you’ll be good to go. For only £24.95 this has to be an essential summer item.

The Hope Jar

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

The Hope JarWhen sending a simple card just isn’t enough…

Send Hope! The Hope Jar is ‘bottled inspiration’ – each contains 30 daily affirmations for Marriage, Heartbreak, Friendship, Grief and Pregnancy.

For instance, if your girlfriend is suffering from a broken heart, then the “Heartbreak” jar may just be the thing to cure her. The “Friendship” jar is a unique and fun way to show your best friend that you can’t live without her! …

The Hope Jar… Better than a simple greeting card – your sentiments last 30 days!

Princess Diana Concert

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Dance and music acts from around the world yesterday joined Princes William and Harry at Wembley Stadium to celebrate and remember the life and work of their mother Princess Diana. Stars such as Elton John, Take That, Lily Allen, P Diddy, Duran Duran, Joss Stone and Nelly Furtado all performed live in a concert that will be remembered for years to come. My personal favourite act was the cast of Swan lake – pasted at the bottom of this article for you to watch!

The concert was held to celebrate what would have been Princess Di’s 46th birthday and also in memory of the tragic car accident that took place 10 years ago on August 31st. Princes William and Harry addressed the audience of 63,000 at the very beginning of the concert and they were clearly both very nervous but extremely brave.

All proceeds from ticket sales after expenses etc. will be given in equal shares to the concert beneficiaries who are: Princess Diana’s Patronages and Memorial Fund, Centrepoint and Sentebale.

Some clips are pasted below just in case you missed the event.

Big Brother Update

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Big BrotherShabnam has been evicted, four new men have entered the house, what a week it has been for the Big Brother housemates.

Firstly let’s talk about Shabnam’s eviction, I personally haven’t been a fan of Shabs since she entered the house, all she seemed to do was follow Charley round like a lost lamb, keep people awake at night and look at herself in the mirror. Despite this, I did feel sorry for her when she walked out of the house – it was the most cringe worthy eviction I have ever seen on Big Brother. I have taken the liberty of pasting the clip below in case you missed the event.

We know Shabs likes performing but this was the worst eviction dance ever! She obviously didn’t know how to handle to crowds booing so she went into show mode and did a little dance to try and win them round, Davina had to literally drag her off the stage, it was quite funny but I did feel sorry for her.

We finally have some to men in the house, hopefully some of the attention will be taken off Charley and her arguments so we can watch other footage. All the new men seem really cool but we’ll see if their personalities unfold throughout the week. I think poor Ziggy was a tad jealous and he got a bit insecure on Saturday asking Channelle if she still liked him etc.

Favourite housemates: Carole, Sam, Amanda, Gerry and Brian

Reasons: They are all in the house to learn about other people, have fun and they help out around the house.

Worst housemates: Charley and Nicky

Reasons: Charley cannot hold a conversation without it turning into a heated argument, she has mentioned too many times that everyone is jealous of her because she has the most clothes and shoes – nobody cares. Nicky cannot hold a conversation without whining but I think she’s getting better so she may be out of my bottom two next week.

I predict that Charley, Seany and Laura will be up for eviction this week.