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BBC iPlayer Launching on the iPhone

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

iPhoneThe BBC has confirmed that plans are under way to make their iPlayer compatible to use with the iPhone. It is not clear exactly how this will happen or when but it will bring a whole new level to the iPhone’s capabilities. Rumour has it that we will only have to wait a few weeks for the application, yey!

As an iPhone user myself I am extremely excited about the news and I am sure people are celebrating all around the world! We’ll never have to miss Eastenders again.

More information about the iPhone at the Apple Store.

The New Skype Phone From 3

Monday, October 29th, 2007

I have been a customer of 3 Mobile for many years now, at first I joined because they had the cheapest deals available and I was a poor student! Over the years they have continued to offer me great deals and even though I haven’t been overly impressed with their customer service team I have been a loyal customer pretty much since they launched.

3 Skype Phone

I was therefore very excited today when I heard about the new Skype Phone technology they have developed. The new phone allows users to make free calls via Skype on their mobiles to anyone in the world, even customers on pay-as-you-go can benefit from the service as long as they top up a minimum of £10 per month.

If only their customer service skills were as impressive as their products, they’d probably take over the mobile world!!

Via Pyrosoft

Nokia Prism 7900

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Nokia Prism 7900This new Nokia 7900 mobile is the newest and most high tech gadget to be developed by these mobile geniuses and its aimed straight at us girly trend setters who are always seeking to have the latest technology.

It comes fully loaded with enough techy stuff to keep any gadget girl amused. It boasts a super glossy front with an aluminum back cover that has the Nokia prism collections signature diamond shape lasered into it.

Some of the main features that will have you reveling in this phones design are the camera that’s capable of recording DVD quality videos so you can capture all your favourite moments in motion and the choice of over a whooping 49 colours to have as either keypad or the display design.

My favourite feature has to be the ‘living’ wallpaper which apparently changes dynamically based on the time of day, the strength of your signal and how much battery life remains. The whole phone gives you the opportunity to create a unique colour scheme based on your own personal preferences.

It’s the look of this phone that seems to make it different from the rest and I think they have definitely created a gadget that will capture the hearts of all us young trend setters. The release date is yet to be confirmed so I can’t comment on prices but you can keep your eye out for further info at

New Nokia N81 Advert

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Hehe, believe it or not this is a new advert from Nokia promoting their N81 handset, it looks like Backstreet Boys have teamed up with N Sync to create a cheesy love song but this time its about a mobile handset! It’s quite cool take a peek.

Apple Launches iPod Touch

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

iPod TouchThe huge success of the iPod Shuffle and Nano led to Apples latest invention – the iPod Touch. The gadget in similar in design to the iPhone which I must just add has been reduced from $599 to $399. The iPod Touch incorporates a touch screen interface, wide screen display, integrated Wi-Fi and the ability to download music from iTunes. It is slightly smaller and thinner than the iPhone but larger than all other Apple iPods, it is by far the most advanced piece of music technology they have produced and I’m sure will be just as, if not more popular than previous designs.

The first models will be on sale worldwide in a few weeks time and will be available in 8GB or 16GB, prices starting from $299… How exciting! For more information about the features and specs visit the Apple Store.

Iris Recognition Technology

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Iris Recognition TechnologyDoes it worry you that your mobile contains proof of everything you’ve been up to for the last month or so? Texts, photos, contacts … if someone wanted to find out about you they’d only have to look through your beloved phone.

Whether it’s your friends, parents or other half you’re worried about snooping, there may be a solution on its way…

In a bid for a high level of security protection, Oki Electric (a Japanese company) has announced the development of an iris recognition technology for cell phones. The software needs a one or two mega pixels camera to function properly, and you’ll need to give authorisation for others to make calls or access the web from your phone.

OK, so it doesn’t quite stop the snooping though texts and photos yet, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction!

Via Coolest Gadgets

World Goes Crazy For The iPhone

Friday, July 6th, 2007

Apple iPhoneIt has been a long time since we’ve seen crowds of people wait in line for hours on end to purchase a mobile phone; however, this has been the case with the Apple iPhone. The funniest story I have heard is about the lady who took out $100,000 to buy a whole stores worth of iPhones.

She walked to the front of the queue flashing her cash around and offered the guy in the front $800 for his place, he accepted and went to the back of the line. Doors opened at the AT&T store and she barged in saying me first. She took out her cash and asked to buy nearly $100,000 worth of iPhones, however, stupidly she had not read the ‘one per person’ rule.

This rule had been implemented so that enough phones were available to everyone who had queued, the guy who’s place she took still got his Apple phone and an $800 bonus! She sadly walked away $800 out of pocket with just one phone in her hand. I think it’s safe to say that the world has gone completely crazy for this little gadget. Watch the video below to see this hilarious story unfold:

Sleek and Sexy LG Prada Phone

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

LG Prada KE850 The LG KE850 was recently brought to my attention and I must say it does seem rather appealing. LG have teamed up with Prada to create a sleek, sexy design that’s simple yet sophisticated. Although the design is pretty similar to Apple’s iPhone, it somehow seems a little classier – probably the word Prada pasted across the front of the screen!

The greatest selling point about this mobile (like the iPhone) is its latest touch screen technology. Measuring 240×400 pixels the screen is large enough to view photos and video clips but still small enough to keep the phone a neat size, it is also slightly smaller than the iPhone.

The LG Prada consists of a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, FM radio, multimedia player, web browser supporting Macromedia Flash, document viewer (Word, Excel etc.) plus email and messaging features. The only thing it doesn’t have is Wifi or 3G technology.

At £400 make sure you love this phone before you buy it! Check out the LG Press Release for more details.

Sony Ericsson W580 – Mobile, Music and Motivator in One

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Sony Ericsson W580Sony Ericsson has just launched their new W580; a mobile phone that consists of a Walkman® and a pedometer in one – the perfect partner if you’re a fitness fanatic. The phone can store up to 470 full-length songs and can count your steps, the calories you’ve burned and monitor your running or walking speed, distance and time. Another great feature of this phone is the colour change in the phone’s light; when you select the Walkman® the lights will glow bright orange.

The W580 is a slim slider phone (only 14mm thick) and is available in grey or white. In addition to the music and exercise functions, it also contains a 2.0-megapixel camera, an FM Radio and other fun entertainment features.

The phone is expected in the US by the end of summer so should be available in the UK shortly after, estimated price of the model has not yet been announced. Read the full press release on Sony Ericsson’s Website.

Nokia L’Amour 7373 Special Edition

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Nokia L'Amour 7373 Special EditionThis is a girly girls phone if ever I saw one… I love it! The Nokia L’Amour 7373 Special Edition is based on the L’Amour Collection, but has had been beautified by fashion designer Giambattista Valli. He’s added slinky extras, such as a pearl strap and a miniature skull motif, to an already pretty pink phone to make it all the more desirable.

The Nokia 7373 Special Edition phone will be revealed at Paris Fashion Week and will come loaded with behind-the-scenes video footage of Valli, an exclusive ringtone and designer graphics. Although it’s not available yet, I’m pretty sure women everywhere will want to get their hands on this once it is (it’s rumoured to be available in selected European markets during March).

Via CadgetCandy