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Is Play-Doh the best smell in the world?

Monday, September 4th, 2006

Play-Doh perfumeA few weeks ago there was a survey in a national paper, I think it was the Telephraph, on the nations favourite noises. According to the paper, the glugging of wine as you pour it into a glass is the number one sound (slightly biased but never mind!). Inspired by this I’d love to find out what TheNewPink readers’ favourite smell is. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what yours is – I’m almost certain that if there was a nationwide survey Play-Doh would hold the top spot. What is it about the smell of Play-Doh? Is it because it reminds us of being a child again or is it just because it smells so edible??

If like me, Play-Doh ranks amongst your top smells of all time you can now smell it all the time. In celebration of Play-Dohs 50th birthday the famous smell has been turned into a limited edition fragrance and you can buy it from Demeter Fragrance Library for only $19! Its not exactly something you wear on a date to entice passion but it would certainly be a conversation starter. Another great smelling product is Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturiser, available from Boots. Its smells like a cross between chocolate and custard. The only downside is that wearing it really gets you craving the real thing. This stuff should come with a “Not for Dieters” warning on the bottle.

Teen Today

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Teen Today

I came across Teen Today while searching for information about my previous post The Devil Wears Prada. I really like the purpose of their website and think it is full of great information aimed at young people in the UK. Teen Today is somewhere to hang out and chat with your mates or read about the latest events and products. They also have quizzes and games etc. for you to participate in. So if you are young and hip check out their website and see what interesting things you can find to read.

Oujia Board Mouse Mat

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

Oujia Mouse Mat

I don’t think I know anyone that uses mouse mats any more. That’s probably because I don’t know anyone that uses those annoying roller ball mice anymore – expect my university…Grrrr. Anyway I’m tempted to get one of these Oujia Board mouse mats because my fascination with the occult is leading me to believe that these are very cool and rather amusing – who knows who might be controlling your hand. These would make a great present for the man in your life – I can just hear him now, “ It wasn’t me; the evil spirit that lives behind my wardrobe took me there”

This great, but pretty useless (unless, of course it does work as a portal to the other side), item costs £7 from funky indie designer’s website, Take a look at of Joe Riley’s even more sinister creations; body-bag bean bags, and hangman’s noose curtain ties :S

Puppy Purses

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Yorkshire Terrior Puppy PurseI never thought I’d see the day when puppies would become fashion items. OK so this little guy does make quite a cute accessory but you’ll never get away from the fact that it looks like a stuffed version of your Grandmas old pet. This puppy is a Yorkshire Terrier but all kinds of different breeds can be bought; Chihuahuas, King Charles Spaniels, West Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzu’s. Do you think it would have quite the same effect if you had a Doberman hanging off your shoulder?

This little Terrier looks pretty realistic and if it weren’t for the gold chain attached to its head you’d probably have to look twice to decide if it were real. The chain is detachable, a plastic zip opens the bag and the puppy has three stitched paws and a diamante print. You can buy this item or another breed from Bia Collection for $34.50.

Found via Purse Blog.

Kid + Camcorder + Tumble Dryer = comedy?

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

Somewhere in the heart of England a budding young film director and his stunt kid brother make a short clip with their tumble dryer. Need I say any more?

Look what he’s doing, what is it? it’s a washing machine! actually it’s a dryer, look, he’s going in, he’s fitting in. Almost…. he’s in! The door is now closed, the switch is going on. He’s in!

The future of motoring… hydrogen drive by wire cars

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

Hydrogen is set to become the new oil in the next 10 to 20 years. In this clip from Top Gear, James May test drives a hydrogen powered concept car made by General Motors called the Hy Wire. Not only is the car silent and pollution free (the only exhaust emission is water), but it also boasts a completely removable cabin that could be replaced with a sports car, people carrier, coupe etc.. There are no pedals, acceleration and braking is provided by twist and grip handles at either side of the steering wheel.

With oil fast approaching $100 a barrel, the business case for the mass production of hydrogen fuel cell cars becomes better by the day. I personally can’t wait.

Get drunk without drinking… get AWOL

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

No More Alcohol!AWOL stands for Alcohol WithOut Liquid and it is the brand name of a new device that claims to allow its users to get drunk without having to endure a hangover the next day. The AWOL machine vaporises any alcoholic spirit and mixes it with oxygen so that it can be inhaled. Since the alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream, this delivers a instant euphoric “high” with 10 times the potency compared to ingestion.

There are concerns that this could cause damage to the brain, and in some US states there have been moves to ban it. However, the UK Department of Health Alcohol Policy Unit has apparently gone on record to say that when the machine is used in accordance with the manfacturers guidelines, they “are not aware of any current evidence to suggest that the use of the AWOL machine … poses particular risks to the user over and above the risks that may be posed by consuming an equivalent amount of alcohol, in an equivalent time period, in a more ‘traditional’ way.”

So you never know, it could be the ultimate party toy, but until it’s effects are better known, I don’t think I will be trying it. AWOL is available to try at some bars including Bordello in Bristol, or you could purchase a personal machine for your house, but it will set you back £149.