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Care For Your Clothes

Monday, December 31st, 2007

holistic-silk-coat-hangers.jpgDecorating the boudoir is an exciting, yet challenging experience. Great care must be taken with everything, from wall paper to wardrobe.

Why not hang your clothes with some Boudoir Clothes Hangers with Lavender? Not only will you be letting your clothes air, they will stay lavender fresh from the aroma gently released from the hanger. Practical and stylish, you can coordinate your clothes with specific coloured hangers such as blue, amethyst, bronze, black and jade to mention a few. Another benefit … lavender is supposedly a moth repellent which is great for your cashmere!

The boudoir clothes hangers are available at, priced at £14 so go ahead and ‘store with style’.

Shape Your Shoes In Style

Monday, December 31st, 2007

shoe-strechers.jpgShoes can be so annoying when they loose there shape, begin to crease and generally age. You can slow down this process by simply investing in a good shoe cleaning care kit and some shoe trees that stretch the shoes back in to shape.

These wooden shoe trees available at Total Wardrobe Care are dainty, rich and luxurious. TWC have ‘revitalised a vintage Victorian design of shoes tree specially to fit these narrower toes’. The wooden toe will decrease the creases and the flexible spine covered in raspberry coloured silk satin with a bow will stretch the shoes to original fit.

Get your pair of silk satin and wooden shoe trees for £20 at

Festive Decorations On Sale

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

house-of-fraser-christmas-decorations.jpgI know the Christmas season has already begun and that most people will have put their Christmas tree up with decoration but if you fancy a change of decoration next year or need some more, then now would be the best time to invest.

House of Fraser has got a 50% sale on selected Christmas decorations online. Choose from either single decorations like glitter covered shoes, now £0.50 and sequin baubles, now £1.50 or buy in bulk, the pack of 100 decorations are practical and will make a very pretty Christmas tree. The best thing is the pack of 100 decorations is now only £7.50 down from £15.

View the selection at House of Fraser now.

Christmas Accessories From Laura Ashley

Monday, December 10th, 2007

frosted-wreath-laura-ashley.jpgUnobvious to me, Laura Ashley have began stocking Christmas accessories for the holiday season and thankfully they are all 3 for the price of 2.

Decorate your front door with Laura Ashley’s Frosted Wreath, filled with berries and embellished with frosting, costing £15. Adorn your Christmas tree with Laura Ashley Christmas decorations like the Mirrored Butterfly Hanging Decoration priced at £3, or the Set Of 2 Dove Decorations, costing £7. And even hold your Christmas candles on your dining table with elegant Reindeer Candle Holders costing £12.

Take a peek inside Laura Ashley stores and online at to see what you can find.

Photo Frame Gifts

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Large Gem Butterfly FrameIn need of a meaningful, yet pretty Christmas gift for your friends, why not invest in some elegant photo frames and fill them with pictures of the good times?

With the Christmas present list never ending and a budget that isn’t, its magical when you find a gift that says in no words at all, ‘you mean a lot to me’. So investing in some beautiful photo frames seems like a great idea.

Lacquar and Diamanté FrameMonsoon, Accessorize has some adorable photo frames available like The Large Gem Butterfly Frame with clear diamanté detail and costs just £18. Or perhaps you would prefer to buy The Lacquar and Diamanté Frame also elegant with diamanté and swarovski detail, costing £22.

Visit Monsoon and enter into the Christmas gift section, to see the whole selection and make sure the photo frame will compliment her bedroom or lounge.

Laura Ashley 3 for 2

Monday, November 12th, 2007

It is essential to invest in your Christmas gifts for others early, so making good use of the offers around at the moment is a good idea.

Laura Ashley Products

Laura Ashley is offering 3 for 2 on selected home ware furnishings, the ideal gifts for female relatives. Perhaps some elegant cocktail or wine glasses would be a lovely gift, very practical and in red are ideal for the season. The Red Lustre Dot Cocktail Glass is £7 as is the Red Lustre Dot Wine Glass and ordering a set of 3 would benefit you as you would only pay for 2. Or how about this Fabulous 3 Tiered Mirrored Cake Stand, an original gift, decorative and also practical, costing £28. The cake stand is also available on the 3 for 2, but there is so much more to choose from.

Cushion Comfy

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Red Embroidered CushionIts always welcoming when your friends and family make an effort to decorate their home. Being at university my friends usually put their energy into decorating their bedrooms and the amount of cute cushions I have seen recently is ongoing… I really appreciate the beauty of cushions and how they can make a bland room look beautiful.

Cream Embroidered  CushionLaura Ashley has some fabulous cushions and with a sale on at the moment it’s the best time to invest. This Embroidered Cushion, now £15 down from £30 in burgundy is pretty and would look wonderful with deep coloured room décor such as midnight blues and purples. Or perhaps for lighter coloured bedroom décor this Square Damask Cushion costing £10.80 down from £30 would be better suited in cream.

Tefal Quick Cup Kettle

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

tefal-quickcup-home.jpgIf like me you tend to drink a hell of a lot of tea in one day then it must feel as though you spend half your life waiting for a kettle to boil. It also becomes very frustrating when you think you have time to make a quick cuppa in between an advert break and your favourite programme but then you end up missing vital parts as the kettle hasnt boiled in time!!

Well Tefal claim to have invented the revolutionary Quick Cup Kettle that could be the answer to our problems. Apparently this new super gadget can boil water in just 3 seconds and can also be used as water filter.

You fill this kettle up in the conventional way and the magic takes place at the touch of a red button. The water is heated instantly! No energy gets wasted on heating water you dont need or boiling water you dont use. The quick Cup actually claims to provide a 65% energy saving compared to normal kettles for all those people out there watching their carbon footprint.

Apparently more than 230 million cups of tea and coffee are drunk in Briton every day and if people heated only the water they needed, rather than full kettles, the country would save enough energy to power the entire nation’s street lighting – something for all to think aboout!!

So if you want instant hot water at the touch of a button thats a great time, energy and money saver then you currently find the Quick Cup kettle with £10 off at It will still cost you £49.99 but with all these great environmental implications its bound to worth it in the long run!!

Antiques Galore

Monday, October 8th, 2007

I love unusual and interesting vintage style furniture and gadgets not commonly found in many homes, and I’ve found After Noah to be the perfect supplier of such delights.

They started as a small antiques shop and have grown and developed into three boutiques based in prime London locations plus an on line shop. You can guarantee to find a blend of antique, vintage and contemporary furniture, toys, jewellery and gifts. When they stock everything from one-off furniture pieces to vintage bags its hard not to find something to suit your taste.

Eco Friendly Reusable Shopping BagSome of my favourite treasures found here include this Envirosax Red Floral Eco Friendly Reusable Shopping Bag. Its such a great design and provides the perfect reusable shopper. Its certainly supporting the eco-friendly movement to move away from the plastic carrier bag style shopper and costs a mere £5.50.

Pink & Ivory Acrylic TelephoneI also adore this Blush Pink & Ivory Acrylic Telephone for £85. Its quite pricey but I just think its so quirky and makes a great 60’s replica.

To find out what other treasures can be found just log on to or if you happen to be in London then pop in store.

Tidy Up Your Shoe Collection

Monday, August 20th, 2007

Clear Shoe BoxesImagine the situation… You’re 30 minutes late, your friends are waiting outside and you can’t find that perfect pair of shoes amongst the other 200 cardboard boxes. Well thankfully someone has been in a similar situation and invented the very clever transparent shoe box! If you’re a shoeaholic this could be an extremely effective way to sort your shoes and find the pair you want easily.

The Clear Box Co. sell a complete range of see-through storage boxes in different shapes, sizes and colours. Choose from crystal clear, powder puff pink, tantalizing turquoise or luscious lilac, you can give your wardrobe a makeover and reduce the stress of getting ready before a night out. The standard size shoe boxes cost £29.95 for a set of 10 (just under £3 per box).