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Nintendo Wii Frenzy

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

Nintendo WiiAs predicted, the Nintendo Wii came in and went straight back out of shops within hours. The popular toy is currently sold out everywhere in the UK and even online causing a frenzy as everyone tries to snap one up for Christmas. Even pre-ordered Wii’s were unavailable due to lack of supply compared to the demand.

If you are lucky enough to have obtained a Nintendo Wii, you are one of the few people in the UK who either got in early or gave in to an overpriced ebay seller. I have been keeping a close eye on both and to try and nab one when a few appear for sale. Let me know if you have managed to get your Wii in time for Christmas and how you did it.

Don't Count On It Wooden Puzzle

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Don't Count On It Wooden PuzzleDon’t you hate those people who are virtually impossible to buy chrimbo presents for? Sticking money in an envelope after spending days out looking for the perfect gift for them will make them think you didn’t bother. Over on I Want One Of Those, they’ve thought about this problem and come up with an imaginative alternative to putting cash in a card.

The ‘Don’t Count On It’ wooden puzzle is a great way to tease the person who made Christmas shopping more difficult this year. You can store money and gift vouchers etc. inside and watch smugly as they attempt to open it. That will teach them!

Musical Chrimbo Crackers

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

Musical Christmas CrackersI’ve held off writing about anything related to Christmas so far as I’m still pretty depressed that summer is over – but today I’ve decided to accept that the sooner Christmas is over, the sooner summer will be here again! So here’s some chrimbo crackers for those of you not satisfied with the content of normal crackers.

These Musical Christmas Crackers come with a musical song sheet, musical whistle and a number badge. A conductor must be chosen and then has the job of pointing at a person when their number appears on the song sheet. I can imagine these been pretty damn funny after a few drinks – better than a plastic comb or a cheap photo frame anyway!

Choc Shots

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

Choc ShotsChocolate shot glasses – what a fab idea! Not only do you get a shot of your fav liqueur, but you then get to eat the yummy chocolate – perfect for the end of a good meal.

The Choc Shots are made by Rococo Chocolates in London and come packed in a set of 12. The only thing that worries me is that I can’t have chocolate in the house without eating it, so I’m not sure I could save these up for a dinner party!

Available for £9.99 from

The Girlfriends' Box Of Questions

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

Box Of QuestionsI know this gift is a tad corny but I personally love stuff like this. As the name ‘Box of Questions’ may give away, this is a box of questions, which includes your most memorable kiss, your most disastrous hair day and other soppy things girlies love to chat about with their close friends (although all my close friends already know most things about me!)

I’d say this is a perfect item to take round to a proper girly night of soppy films, chocolate and wine – I’m not sure how deep the questions dig but with more and more wine you could always make up your own :) Plus a portion of the proceeds goes to Women’s Cancer Research Fund so this gift is definitely worth buying

Available for $20 from ShopIntuition

Life-size Scrabble!

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Life-size ScrabbleI think this is a bizarre but fantastic design! The seating is based on the popular board game Scrabble and is actually installed in the London Offices of Bloomsberg Financial Services.

Those waiting in the seating area can make words and leave messages with the printed letter cushions … I wonder if they actually use these cushions and if they only ever make polite words?! Check out the designer’s other ideas

OC Madness

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

The OC Box SetFor me The OC is an escape from the normality of life and a chance to look at some hot Cali guys with sun-kissed tans. The script is far from the world I live in here in secluded Farnborough, I love the dramatic storyline and feel I have become friends with the cast they have built up.

As a huge fan of the program, I am extremely excited that the third series is finally out on DVD. What’s more it is now available at Amazon for only £39.99 – reduced from £61.99. If you held off buying the set when it first came out you made the right decision.

The OC GameAlso available at Amazon is The OC board game – the game will test your knowledge on the program and characters and will also be a great source of entertainment for you and your friends. This is currently selling brand new for £24.95 or used for £19.98.


Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

ElectroplanktonMy boyfriend bought this game a few weeks ago and I mocked him, oh how wrong I was. After watching him play and listening to the sounds he was creating Electroplankton now officially lives at my house. I can’t put the game down its so addictive yet so simple to play. It is definitely now one of my favourite Nintendo games.

There are 10 species of electroplankton to play with and each species responds to touch or sound (such as clapping). The game is extremely interactive and allows you to create music through movement and commands. All you need to do is use the stylus on your DS and move it across the screen. My favourite plankton are Tracy who respond by following lines you have drawn with the stylus. The speed and direction at which you draw the lines has a great effect on the sound they make. Anyway definitely a great gift for someone’s birthday, available at Amazon for £24.99.

The next generation of jello shots!

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

When I was at Uni, shots were a popular choice at the bar – they don’t taste as bad as cheap wine and they have an almost instantaneous effect – which is what every student wants! Now I’ve come across these new Jello Shots called Suck and Blow, where two people are required, one to suck and the other to blow! These are going to be a big hit with students – imagine what an ice breaker they’ll be during Freshers week! What a great opportunity to share a drink with that person you fancy, OK so it’s not very classy but I don’t think that’s something students seem to worry about!

I’m a little confused by who sucks and who blows (maybe I’m being naïve) but it seems to me that one person enjoys the shot while the other spends their time blowing it into their partner’s mouth! When I was at Uni I know I wouldn’t waste my precious few pounds on blowing a shot into someone else’s mouth – I’d want it myself to get me through the night! I guess it’s not just students who will love these new jello shots though; bars and clubs everywhere will no doubt be stocking these up.

Many of the shots are available in original flavours, such as the Spice Spice Baby – black cherry gelatin, flat cola, spiced rum, and grenadine, the ISO Happy Endings – wild strawberry gelatin, water, champagne, crème de strawberry, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream, and the not-quite-gelatin shot Brulette Milk – unflavored gelatin, vanilla schnapps, vanilla vodka, frangelico, instant vanilla pudding, and brown sugar. They’d be great at any kind of social gathering and provide hours of fun, especially if you managed to persuade the unlikely couple to participate (say your shy friend and the bloke you know she fancies). Mean but definitely worth watching!

Waterproof Playing Cards

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Waterproof Playing CardsSo I know things have moved on a bit from playing cards (most people spend more time watching TV, listening to music, playing on the computer etc) but who can deny they buy a pack each year to take away on holiday? I admit I love a game of cards – if I’m burnt, if the weather’s not great or if I’m in need of a drinking game in the evening! I also bet every year you come home and find soggy cards stuck to the inside of your bag that have got wet in the rain, or had drinks spilt on them. Well here’s the solution – waterproof playing cards!

It’s not the money you’ll save from having to buy them each year that’s great (playing cards are peanuts) but the convenience of always having a pack there when you need them. Simply wipe away the spillages and store them in a cupboard for next time … I think these are great!