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Spanx – An Immediate Slimming Fix

Monday, October 8th, 2007

SpanxA big event is fast approaching and I am in serious need of a flattering garment because in all honesty I am not super slim. It’s upsetting but I have come to terms with it, mainly because there is always some sort of help available in the form of a 3 day diet.

The most recent tip I’ve had is slimming pants, Spanx to be more precise. The higher waisted power panty is apparently a miracle worker so I’m keen to do a ‘tried and tested’. I’m pleased to report that they work wonders; they define the figure and smooth over all that unwanted extra skin. It’s just a shame that they are just an immediate one day fix, I long for an easy way of losing weight which does not require extreme will power!

Get yours from, priced at £23, available in either black or nude.

Antiques Galore

Monday, October 8th, 2007

I love unusual and interesting vintage style furniture and gadgets not commonly found in many homes, and I’ve found After Noah to be the perfect supplier of such delights.

They started as a small antiques shop and have grown and developed into three boutiques based in prime London locations plus an on line shop. You can guarantee to find a blend of antique, vintage and contemporary furniture, toys, jewellery and gifts. When they stock everything from one-off furniture pieces to vintage bags its hard not to find something to suit your taste.

Eco Friendly Reusable Shopping BagSome of my favourite treasures found here include this Envirosax Red Floral Eco Friendly Reusable Shopping Bag. Its such a great design and provides the perfect reusable shopper. Its certainly supporting the eco-friendly movement to move away from the plastic carrier bag style shopper and costs a mere £5.50.

Pink & Ivory Acrylic TelephoneI also adore this Blush Pink & Ivory Acrylic Telephone for £85. Its quite pricey but I just think its so quirky and makes a great 60’s replica.

To find out what other treasures can be found just log on to or if you happen to be in London then pop in store.

Big Love Ice Cream Bowl & Spoon Set

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Big Love Ice Cream Bowl & Spoon Set What does every girly night in need apart from a good soppy romantic comedy – ice cream of course!!!

For me, the best part about eating ice cream is the fact that you can have it straight from the tub. I don’t know why but it just seems to taste so much better, however if you feel that this method is a bit of a Bridget Jones tradgedy and want to go a bit more upmarket then I think this bowl and spoon combi is for you!!

The colours are bright, the spoon is unique and they are big enough to hold a fair few scoops of your favourite ice cream. Perhaps more style = less calories – yeah right!!

Choose from green, pink, orange or blue and part with just £22 at

The New iPod Nano

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Black iPod NanoWith a larger and brighter display screen, able to play up to 5 hours of videos and up to 24 hours of music off one single charge, the new and updated iPod Nano is available to buy now. Since Apple first produced the iPod, it seems everyone on the street is sporting the signature white head phones and every year they get much better, much smaller and much more advanced.

The new iPod Nano is available at £99 in silver for the 4GB which stores up to 1000 songs and for £30 more you can purchase the new iPod Nano in green, red, blue or black which are 8GB storing up to 2000 songs.

You can purchase the new iPod Nano at Apple UK Store.

iPod Nano Reduced by £50

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Pink iPod NanoOver the past year or so I have seen so many new versions of Apple iPod’s I just didn’t realise how cheap the older ones were. After my trusty iPod mini began to fail on me I decided to shop for a new one and was pleasantly surprised to find the iPod Nano at the reasonable price of £78.97 on the Argos website.

The 4 GB iPod Nano has up to 24 hours of music play back, stores up to 1000 songs and up to 25,000 images, ranging in colours from hot pink, green, blue and silver. A must buy in my opinion.

To get yours go to and either reserve for store pick up or buy online.

Pink LCD TV with DVD

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Pink LCD TVI just adore anything pink, especially pink gadgets so when I saw that this TV/DVD combi was available to buy I knew it would make my pink gadget collection complete!!

It’s a perfectly formed 15″ LCD flat screen TV with integrated DVD player. It is also compatible to double up as a high quality computer monitor and since the launch of the pink computer from the same company, it’s just what we’ve been waiting for – it just gets better!!

Mount it on the wall or just simply place it somewhere, where everyone is sure to notice it – I don’t think it would be easy to hide!!!

So if you fancy being tickled pink over and over again all you have to do is check out where you find the TV for £188, plus other irresistible pink hi-tech gadgets.

The Ultimate Pink Travel Kit

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Pink Travel KitHow cute is this pink vanity case from The Pink Tool Box Company, if you’re a well travelled gal this could be ideal for your adventures away from home. The case contains a folding hairdryer, mini iron so your clothes always look in tip top shape, a two-pin continental adaptor (appliances come with UK plugs) , 3 mini bottles to fill up with your favourite shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, a pink passport cover, pink padlock and a pink suitcase tag.

All the items fit snugly in the case and if it has to leave your side you can lock it up with the padlock provided. The kit costs £32 – not bad when you consider how much you get and is available at for all to buy. They have some great other pink products for home and travel as well.

The Ambient Umbrella

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Ambient UmbrellaHow many times have you got in your car, driven to work and then the heavens open and you have no umbrella? Well I can tell you this happens to me a lot which is why I was so intrigued to read about the umbrella that alerts you when rain or snow is in the forecast. It is known as The Ambient Umbrella and its not only a stylish fashion accessory it is a handy gadget that will save you from getting drenched.

Embedded in the umbrella’s handle is a device that receives information from The umbrella knows if heavy rain or even a quick drizzle is predicted and the handle will light up if you need to take it with you. Handy, ay!

Butt Cheek Enhancer

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Butt Cheek EnhancerIf your bottom is not quite as voluptuous as you’d like it to be, why not invest in a pair of Padded Panties? Girls have been wearing padded bras to boost their busts and control pants to suck in their tums for ages but the padded panty isn’t on many peoples topics of conversion! If you’re self concious about your bottom and cover it up with long tops or jackets, for $20 you could boost your confidence and feel bootylicious in no time!

These pants can be purchase from are are available in higher waistlines (pictured), hipster shorts or normal sized knickers. The knickers are disguised under clothes but some reviewers on Amazon have recommended wearing thicker material clothes such as jeans to ensure they are invisible.

Funky Fabrix iPod Cases

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Fabrix iPod Cases

Well it didn’t take long for designers to catch on to a new market of gadget crazy shoppers. It seems like only a few minutes ago that the iPod Touch was unveiled and already the gadget has its own fabric sleeve. US based company Fabrix have been manufacturing iPod cases for the Nano, Shuffle, Mini and classic for years and already they have modified designs to fit the Touch.

The iPod Touch sleeves can be purchased for $19.90 each and a number of designs are available, my personal favourites are the pink and white spotty and the black and white zebra stripes. The Touch itself wont be available in the US for a couple of weeks and no date has been set for the UK, however you can be prepared and buy your iPod a cosy jacket before it arrives!