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Get charitable with celebrity Thorntons Easter eggs

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Thorntons easter eggsThere’s still plenty of time until Easter, but here at The New Pink our bellies are rumbling at the prospect of so much yummy chocolate. Last week we brought you some of the tasty treats being offered by high street chain Hotel Chocolat and now we turn our attention to Thorntons. Like all good chocolatiers they offer a mouth-watering range of cocoa delights, but for those with a designer bent comes the Henry Holland egg.

The designer has produced a special egg complete with his personal motto and family coat-of-arms to be auctioned off on eBay. Other celebrities including David Beckham’s tattooist, Louis Molly, have also been whipping up their own contributions, with all proceeds being donated to Barnado’s. For info on this and all Thorntons offers, head on over to the official site.

Delia on BBC2 tonight

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Delia SmithShe’s been away from our TV screens for six years, but tonight Delia Smith returns with her new cookery show simply titled Delia (BBC2, 8.30pm.) Famed for teaching the nation the basics of cookery, Delia Smith takes our education to the next level by teaching us how to cheat by knocking up dishes using pre-prepared ingredients. This does sound a little similar to fellow BBC2 chef Nigella Lawson’s last TV outing, Nigella Express, but where Nigella is all vivid sauciness, Delia is straight-forward and practical.

The show is also set to feature glimpses of Delia’s life away from her stove, so for new insights into cooking, the life of a revered TV chef and some dishes that will make our mouths water – tune into Delia tonight. For more information on Delia and her new programme, visit her official site.

Chocolate Easter Egg treats at Hotel Chocolat

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Hotel Chocolat easter eggsEaster seems to be creeping on us rather speedily this year, and so to get us in the mood here’s a look at some of the Easter treats on offer at the rather delicious Hotel Chocolat. It seems that the swanky high-street chain has been feeling adventurous with this year’s selection including unconventional fare such as cocoa pod eggs and egg sandwiches (they really have to be seen to be believed).

For those chocolate lovers less keen on experimenting, the store also offers eggs that are both extra think and extra big – depending on your choccie needs. So when it comes to shopping for that chocoholic in your life (or just yourself if the mood and pennies allow), why not visit your nearest Hotel Chocolat or lust after the pics on their website? Warning: Might cause uncontrollable drooling.

Celebrate With A Bellini

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

bellini.jpgTry a Bellini, either this New Year’s Eve or in the New Year. The gorgeous drink of the moment is rocking up the bar scene and have become one the top ordered cocktails.

It’s simply a concoction of champagne or sparkling white wine, peach schnapps, lemon juice and grenadine served in a champagne flute, according to Cocktail:UK. This is just one of the many Bellinis available in some of the top watering holes around. At Rodnik’s London Fashion Week party and the stylish Bungalow 8, lychee, raspberry, rhubarb and pineapple are the new flavours so I hear.

Start your evening with your self made cocktail or sip stylishly at a bar.

Hands Off – Wine ID Tags

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Wine TagsThese wine tags are a great idea for parties. When you offer your friends a glass of wine when they arrive simply mark their glass with one of these stickers with an individual design. Then all they need to do is remember what the picture on their glass is and they can identify it easily from all the others left lying around the place.

I have experienced the embarrassment of drinking from someones glass that I’ve never even spoken to many a time, so I think these are a great idea and a good conversation starter too. However sometimes there comes a point in the night were everyone is too drunk to remember their own name let alone their picture but then at that stage who cares whose glass is whose anyway! Get them at Gadget Storm.

Drinks Fountain

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Drinks FountainWhy waste time having to pour drinks for you and your guests when you could simply prepare a drinks fountain before the nights entertainments begin!

I’m sure if you’re not holding a festive party yourself, you will most likely be going to a few so its definitely worth spreading the word on this great gadget I have found. This drinks fountain, in my opinion is a great saviour from all those party groans you often get when people aren’t impressed with what the party has to offer – and lets face it there’s always at least one moaner in the crowd! The idea is that people will be so impressed with the fountain that they will forget about what it was they were moaning about!!

All that’s involved is simply pouring your chosen beverage in to the fountain and then turning it on. It couldn’t be simpler. The fountain then pumps the drink from the lower bowl up to the top tier. Once the drink overflows it then cascades down from the top level to give the fountain effect. Guests can now fill their cups without the use of a ladle, in turn this opens up more time to get that drinking on the go!!

This great little gadget is sure to keep everyone satisfied so £24.95 is not a bad price to have too pay. Be the perfect festive party host and log on to to get your very own drinks fountain.

Pomegranate Pleasure

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

SabaiAfter one too many glasses of Blossom Hill, White Zinfandel rosé, I have been forever hunting for a new reasonably priced alcoholic beverage that tastes as good as it looks.

Persistently searching through the shelves in the supermarket I found a pack of four small, stylishly packaged bottles of wine spritzers. So perfect, as I love rosé and this is a Thai wine with pomegranate juice mixed together to create a ruby refreshing and exotic flavour. There is another flavour to try as well, however I have yet to sample it. It’s the same Thai wine but mixed with hibiscus, a flower that hosts a red fruit that’s full of mystery. I must admit the Sabai pomegranate wine spritzer is both exotic and refreshing and it’s only £4.99 for four bottles in Tesco stores at the moment.

Visit Sabai Spritzer for more information.

Tefal Quick Cup Kettle

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

tefal-quickcup-home.jpgIf like me you tend to drink a hell of a lot of tea in one day then it must feel as though you spend half your life waiting for a kettle to boil. It also becomes very frustrating when you think you have time to make a quick cuppa in between an advert break and your favourite programme but then you end up missing vital parts as the kettle hasnt boiled in time!!

Well Tefal claim to have invented the revolutionary Quick Cup Kettle that could be the answer to our problems. Apparently this new super gadget can boil water in just 3 seconds and can also be used as water filter.

You fill this kettle up in the conventional way and the magic takes place at the touch of a red button. The water is heated instantly! No energy gets wasted on heating water you dont need or boiling water you dont use. The quick Cup actually claims to provide a 65% energy saving compared to normal kettles for all those people out there watching their carbon footprint.

Apparently more than 230 million cups of tea and coffee are drunk in Briton every day and if people heated only the water they needed, rather than full kettles, the country would save enough energy to power the entire nation’s street lighting – something for all to think aboout!!

So if you want instant hot water at the touch of a button thats a great time, energy and money saver then you currently find the Quick Cup kettle with £10 off at It will still cost you £49.99 but with all these great environmental implications its bound to worth it in the long run!!

Catering For a Christmas Party

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

M&S CanapesHoliday season is upon us and it’s the best time to have a party. I’m thinking of hosting an elegant evening of drinks for the girls with champagne and canapés. After attending a launch party where I sampled some delectable smoked salmon canapés complimented with cream cheese and lemon, I wish to create similar delights.

M&S Rose BrutObviously I won’t be making them myself as I’m no Nigella Lawson, so I have been on a hunt for food to order. Marks & Spencer’s have a selection of food available to order for parties and I am interested in the 18 Oak Smoked Salmon Appetisers priced at just £5.99. This is Scottish smoked salmon wrapped around two flavoured mousse, 9 salmon and prawn and 9 salmon and rocket. Or perhaps the 12 Hot Smoked Salmon Shots priced at £12.99. This is a mousse that is a mixture of salmon, soft cheese, lemon and dill with smoked salmon and a flake of hot salmon and dill topping it off in a shot glass. Why not both? Finally to spice up the evening I’m thinking of the Gold Label of Sparkling Rose Brut, case of 12 for £59.99 equalling to £4.91 per bottle.

Visit Marks & Spencer on line to order yours.

Cadbury's Wispa is Back

Friday, October 5th, 2007

Cadbury's WispaI feel it is my duty to let everyone know that the Cadbury’s Wispa bar is making its long awaited come back. If you’re an 80’s child like myself then just the mention of Cadbury’s Wispa will start your taste buds tickling – but where I hear you all asking did they go??

Well according to the official Cadbury’s website they were whisked off our shelves, never to be seen again in 2003 and replaced by Dairy Milk bubbly- no reasons given!! However, where some things are best left in the past, these delights are not!

It is said that the relaunch is a response to on line petitions and campaigns from thousands of fans that want to see Wispa back on our shelves. This great comeback will be for a limited period only and starts this month.

Cadbury’s are said to be producing around 23 million bars and are to be packaged in the original blue wrappers, however instead of the 16p 1983 launch price, we will be looking at having to spend 42p – oh well, it wont stop me chomping on my all time favourite choccie bar!!