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Pedicure Comfort with PediCouture!

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

PedicureI have just come across possibly the best invention a girl can ask for, being both useful and fun! PediCouture is a fantastic product designed to make pedicures more comfortable, with the little tow separators to keep your toes away from one another when painting your nails! No more rolled up tissue that inevitably gets stuck to the nail varnish, or those huge foam separators which gives me cramp, also you can take them to the spa with you when you feel the need for some feet pampering.

These are found online at

I haven’t managed to find a UK supplier that are selling these, please let me know if you find one and I shall put it up.

Household Goodies I Can't Live Without

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

During quite a long power cut at home the other day I became increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t get anything done. I realised how lost I would be without daily use of electrical appliances and I can’t imagine living without them now. Here are some of the goodies I simply can’t get by without!

Toshiba LaptopMy Laptop – I spend a large portion of my day on this laptop, without which I wouldn’t be able to blog about my favourite things, or have a job! It’s a Toshiba Satellite and it’s light and easy to carry around. If I’d expected the power cut I would have charged the laptop fully but no, the battery had about 2% left so I nothing to watch or work on!

iPod Docking StationiPod Docking Station – also known as an Intempo Digital RDI iPod Speaker Dock With Built In DAB is one of my absolute must haves. It’s an alarm clock, radio and iPod speakers in one. The best thing about this gadget is that you can select a song for the alarm clock and wake up to your favourite tunes! The station is currently available at Amazon for £95.

Water ImpWater Imp – I live in a particularly hard water area and therefore for me a water softener is a must, we use a Water Imp and it makes such a difference to the quality. Having a shower is much more enjoyable now I don’t have to scrub the door every time I get out!!

Sky LogoSky TV – I’m sure many of you will agree with this one, once you’ve got it, its hard to let it go. It took my boyfriend ages to persuade me to get Sky but now its me that spends more time watching it and series linking all our favourite programs. Life without Britain’s Next Top Model, Scrubs and the old Sex and the City episodes seems unbearable to me now!

ghd IV StylerGHD’s – My best friend and a daily routine. Without these bad boys my hair definitely needs a paper bag! Get your own at

Prep Your Pins for Summer

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Pretty Polly Prep SetAt last the weather is changing for the better so we need to seriously think about getting our mini skirts and hot pants out from the back of the wardrobe. Before you do… have a quick look at your pins to see if they’re in a ready state to be on display. Chances are they’ve been hidden away for a few months now and probably aren’t looking great. But fear not, Pretty Polly is here to help with a whole range of products dedicated to preparing and perfecting your pins to their very best.

The blue colour coded collection is all about smoothing, de-fuzzing and getting your legs ready for a bit of colour. Items include Nourishing Leg Shaving Butter (£9), Invigorating Leg Scrub (£8) and Soothing Leg Gel (£6). This process can become a bit of a routine so make sure you pick a night when you have enough time to fit it all in, better still, invite your girly friends over and have a leg perfecting session together with a bottle of wine and some nibbles!

After you have prepped your legs accordingly you can whip out the Pretty Polly purple collection and start making them up. With this set you can choose from items such as Bronzed Leg Gloss (£8), Natural Tan Leg Bronzer (£7) and Velvet Bronze Leg Balm (£10).

Check out for information and history of the Pretty Polly collections and head over to Debenhams if you’d like to purchase the items.

Think hot pink for summer

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Nicholas Kirkwood shoesWith summer on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about what colours to be seen in once the weather hots up and the colour making headlines is definitely fuchsia or the slightly different shocking pink. In keeping with the charity’s colour palette, glamourous fashionistas Liz Hurley and Gwyneth Paltrow were decked out in vivid pink ensembles at last night’s Breast Cancer bash, while pink has been a recent favourite of the top fashion houses, especially Donna Karan.

Wearing such a bright shade can seem daunting, but for those less ready to go too full-on, the colour works perfectly when worn as an accessory (Sarah Jessica Parker, Agyness Deyn) or as a lipstick shade (Beyoncé and Fergie). If you have a bottomless wallet, Nicholas Kirkwood have designed some fantastic (yet super expensive) pink heels (picture), but for the more economically-minded among you, how’s about the full fuchsia MAC lipstick for £11? Visit the online store and get the look.

New series of How To Look Good Naked tonight

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Gok WanAll women seem to love Gok Wan. The outrageous presenter of Channel 4’s How to Look Good Naked has a cheeky side and infectious enthusiasm that has made him a small screen icon and fan favourite with ladies up and down the country. Tonight Gok returns with a new series of HTLGN (8pm) in which he once again helps insecure, body-conscious women embrace their naked form. It’s not about changing what you have (hello 10 Years Younger) or feeling bad for your faults, but learning to accept those wobbly bits you don’t like and happily showing off those bits you do.

In tonight’s show Gok tackles 29-year-old identical twins Suzy and Jeannie who have made very different life choices. Will Gok work his magic on this pair? To read up on the eccentric style guru, grab a copy of his book from £5.99 at and for programme news, visit the Channel 4 website.

Gold To Get The Guy!

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

benefit-pink-to-please-a-woman.jpgBenefit make up can do no wrong, with pretty packaging, sweet smells and cute colours there’s bound to be something you are interested in.

I still love the Bathina Body So Fine, velvet body balm; its amazing scent combined with an all over glow is irresistible. To add to my list of wants the new, Pink To Please A Woman… Gold To Get The Guy! This is a pink-n-gold coloured make up palette with a mixture of eye shadows and lip creams. The seductive gold’s are designed for the man’s attention and the light shades of pink are for us.

Get your Pink To Please A Woman… Gold To Get The Guy! Make up palette at Benefit online costing £21.50.

MAC – N Collection/Colour

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

mac-n-collection.jpgThe new collection for MAC make up follows the long line of successful and edgy looks the famous brand has consistanly released.

The said new collection is titled the N Collection/Colour, described on the companies website as ‘seductive and ripe for scandal’. That being said it’s a statement that is true. The new line takes pale pink and natural shades to new levels. Think pale skin with a light coloured sheen on your cheeks, pale eyeshadow and neutral gossy lips. Then follow up this look with dark eyes for full on sex appeal.

The MAC N Collection/Colour is availble in MAC stores and on the MAC website.

No7 Tropical Eyes Limited Edition Eyeshadow

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

tropicaleyes.jpgWhat better way to start spring than with a tropical inspired make-up palette. Create this look and those cold dark chilly February nights be a thing of the past.

No7 by Boots has created a limited edition eye shadow that has been inspired by the vivid colours of exotic birds. The eye colour collection has been created with three complementary tropical colours that can be used together or separately for stunning eyes.

Choose from either the Exotic or Paradise palette and be beautiful!! Each palette costs £9.50 and can be purchased online or in a Boots store.

Miu Miu Beaded Headband

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

miu-miu-jewel-embellished-headband.jpgNothing makes an outfit more girly and cuter than a headband, especially this Miu Miu jewel embellished headband. The hair accessory can often make an outfit ten times more spectacular than it is and this Miu Miu one will certainly achieve that.

The gorgeous hair accessory is black and satin with multi coloured jewel embellishment on one side. Glam up a hair-up do with the head band on a sophisticated evening out or wear with a cute cardigan and trouser combo for a feminine chic look.

Get yours at Net A Porter costing a mere £110, I know expensive but it is Miu Miu!

Rubis Swiss Tweeze Tweezers

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

tweezetweezers1.jpgThese tweeze tweezers have the best name ever, with Rubis being a Swiss company and the Swiss cheese connection in the design – I love it!!

These are state of the art when it comes in cosmetic tweezers and promise to produce the salon look every time. This slant-tip tweezer is likely to be the finest eyebrow-shaping tool available guaranteed to grab even the finest fuzz on the very first go. Unfortunately the cheese holes are not an added special effect, they quite literally are just holes – oh well I love the design anyway!!

This unique design does come at a price though, it would appear these beauties will set you back $29.95 when you buy them at Amazon, by far the most expensive tweezers ever!! Prices are around the same on most sites unfortunately.