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Gregory and the Hawk – Meonie and Kitchi

Gregory and the Hawk - Meonie and KitchiGregory and the Hawk in fact isn’t someone called gregory, or a hawk. It’s actually a singer called Meredith Godreau, who releases music under Gregory and the Hawk to avoid being lumped in with the rest of the female singer/songwriters. Her new album, Moenie and Kitchi , is out now, and definitely worth a listen.

Why? Well in a nutshell, Gregory and the Hawk make lovely, lovely music. But not in a ‘what’s a cute word that rhymes with rabbit way’, in a simple, pure way. No aims, no agenda, just an album to take you to another place where everything’s just a little bit better. Meonie and Kitchi sounds like a Fionn Regan track but with a more charming vocalist and with hints of Regina Spektor. If this album had been made before the film ‘Juno’ was released, I imagine Kimya Dawson would’ve been out the door to make way for these guys. Catchy, but not over-whelming or obvious, these songs make you want to lie back and just listen whilst your troubles ooze away.

You can get Meonie and Kitchi by Gregory and the Hawk from Amazon for £8.98, or download it from FatCat Records.

One Response to “Gregory and the Hawk – Meonie and Kitchi”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Got her old one isabelle on my ipod will definately check out the new album thanks for the tip off.