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Glorious Gloves!

ASOS GlovesWe’ve done scarves, we’ve done hats, and today I’m rounding the week off with gloves. Whilst some may say they’re the least exciting winter accessory, they’re definitely the most essential, and believe it or not there’s quite a few options – mittens, fingerless, long sleeved… So here’s my hand-picked selection.

On the left are Long Arm Warmers. They’ve got a thumbhole, but apart from that they’re fingerless, but good for keeping your arms extra warm, especially if you want to wear short sleeves. They cost £8 and are available in black, grey and cream. Next up are some old fashioned Hand Knit Mittens. They can be a bit impractical, especially when it comes to using your phone, but they’re ultra cute and will keep your hands nice and toasty. The design on these Hand Knit Mittens has a hand made feel, and they cost £10. Last but not least, if you can decide if you want mittens or gloves, never fear, because you can have both! These Striped Converter Gloves means you can have fingerless gloves, and then just pull down the top for mittens. And they’re a bargain at £8.

You can have a look at all these hand warmers over at ASOS now.

6 Responses to “Glorious Gloves!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    You’re right, gloves are the most essential! Usually, I would go with the finger less gloves. But I think now that I’ve moved to a colder city I’d much rather have the old fashioned, middle pair. Or is it just because the print is cute?

  2. Iri Says:

    Nice gloves! They would make a good present for the Xmas!

  3. Sally So Says:

    gloves are essential for Uk at the moment because its so cold

  4. How to Crochet Says:

    really great clothing for winter session.

  5. How to Crochet Says:

    really fantastic material for winter session.

  6. Chris Lance Says:

    Ya those are real nice!