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James Yuill - Turning Down Water For AirJames Yuill, on first appearances, is a skinny bloke with a guitar and glasses that won’t stay up. However, bend your ears in the direction of his album, or catch him live, you’ll realise there’s a bit more to him than a another geeky looking guy with a guitar. With his many boxes of tricks, James Yuill adds all sorts of weird and wonderful electronic magic, from samples to bleeps and blips to crazy Daft Punk inspired riffs to complement his insightful acoustic sound.

As ridiculous as it may sound on paper, James Yuill’s unusual combination of fusing electronica and acoustic is a success, particularly live where you can witness him pushing buttons, hitting keys and strumming away, and you can also play the rather fun game of ‘spot the sample’ as he subtly includes bits of other songs in his electronica mash up.

His debut album, Turning Down Water For Air is out now on the brilliant Moshi Moshi label, and you can get it from Amazon for £9.98.

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