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Black Books

Black Books Complete Box SetI’ve said it before and I’ll say it agian, they definitely don’t make comedy like they used to. Black Books is undoubtedly one of the funniest sitcoms ever made, starring Bill Bailey, Dylan Moran and Tamsin Greig. It’ set in a book show, owned by Bernard (Moran), who spends his day drinking red wine and trying to get rid of his customers. His assisstant, Manny (Bailey) tries to repiar the damage done by Bernard and keep the customers happy, and Fran (Greig) owns the shop next door, and pops in from time to time for a drinking session with Bernard.

Despite the fairly ordinary sounding setting, the hilarious and clever writing is what makes Black Books such a great sitcom. I’ve yet to meet someone who’s seen it and didn’t like it!

On paper, some of the scrapes the characters get into sound utterly ridiculous (drinking wine that was supposed to be for the Pope, a blind Russian piano teacher, dead bees and beard fetishes), so the best thing to do is pick up the complete box set of all three series from Amazon, which is currently only £9.98, and see for yourself!

One Response to “Black Books”

  1. Scar Says:

    So annoying that this is now cheap! I had to buy it when it first came out, Black Books rocks my world! 😉