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The Late Greats- Life Without Balloons

The Late Greats - Life Without BalloonsEastbourne’s finest The Late Greats released their debut album this week, ‘Life Without Balloons’, on the brilliant Izumi Records label.Taking their name from a song by the band Wilco, The Late Greats other influences can be heard all over this album, from At The Drive In to Bloc Party, this is spiky indie pop at it’s best.

The double vocals of Max ‘Velvet Hands’ Arnold and Ryan ‘Piss Whiskey’ Griffiths complement each other perfectly, and their ridiculously catchy riffs will be in your head for the foreseeable future after one listen. Life Without Balloons is cheerful, unpretentious, solid music that has a comforting familiarity about it. They’re not trying to break boundaries, change politics with their lyrics or invent new sounds, but this record is like a cup of tea – dependable, perfect for lifting spirits, and quite good at fixing problems.

You can get a copy from Amazon for £7.98.

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