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Everything is Borrowed

The Streets - Everything is BorrowedThe Streets released their first album, Original Pirate Material, in 2002, and since then Mike Skinner’s been likened to Dostoevsky by some and called the ultimate chav by others. His latest release, Everything is Borrowed, is undoubtedly his most accomplished album to date. Instead of his trademark sampling, it features an orchestra and a choir and even the odd guitar solo.

However, unlike previous albums, it seems Mike Skinner has finally moved on from drinking too much and dating celebrities and is starting to focus on bigger issues, like the environment and the afterlife, too match his new found serious musicianship.

His witty, kitchen-sink lyrics are on form and as funny and accurate as ever. If you’re not a Streets fan, you probably won’t be after hearing this, but if you are then you’ll recognise this as a giant leap forward for the band.

Everything is Borrowed by The Streets is available from Amazon for £8.98.

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