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The biggest hype since Arctic Monkeys…

Glasvegas by GlasvegasGlasvegas release their debut album today, one of the most highly anticipated and critically acclaimed albums of the year.

Hailing from Glasgow, the four piece have been together since 2000, but only really made it onto the music radar late last year when they released the single ‘Daddy’s Gone’ which started a bidding war amongst the major record labels. Their self titled album showcases their honest, brutal, but also beautiful lyrics, in a retro rock and roll style that’s high in atmosphere and low in pretension.

Currently in the middle of a hype storm, with claims of ‘the best thing to come out of Scotland’ and ‘they’ll outsell Oasis’ flying around, it’s a wonder the band managed to make an album at all under such immense pressure. But they’ve made an album that well and truly lives up to the hype and the high standard set by their singles. Whether they outsell Oasis isn’t important, they’re certainly more relevant and talented and crucially, far more gracious. Their debut is a powerful collection of songs that sum up our culture in an eloquent way, set to huge, epic-like music.

See what all the hype’s about, get Glasvegas by Glasvegas from Amazon for £8.88.

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