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Lost in Austen

Lost in AustenITV debuted its new period inspired drama last night, Lost In Austen. The plot revolves around city girl Amanda being transported into the world of corsets, dances and chaperones from her favourite book Pride and Prejudice through her bathroom door, and swapping places with Elizabeth Bennet (played by new Bond girl Gemma Arterton).

Despite sounding decidedly cheesy and a bit naff, the show was very funny, particularly the struggle Amanda endured attempting to speak ‘proper’ English, and surviving without modern comforts (like a toothbrush). No doubt it will have ruffled a few Austen purists’ feathers, but taken with a pinch of salt this is a light-hearted twist on a literary classic.

Next week Mr Bingley declares his love for Amanda, who attempts to rebuff his advances by telling him she’s a lesbian, and more characters from the famous novel are introduced.

Catch it at 9pm on Wednesday on ITV1.

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