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One Tree Hill Season 6

Just as I got excited by Gossip Girl I realized One Tree Hill was also picked up for a sixth season and begins right after Gossip Girl airs on the CW network on September 1st.

Sadly no information is really given but what I am informed is that we will finally find out who Lucas chooses. WARNING: do not read any further if you have not finished watching the whole of season 5 on E4. To recap season 5 left off with the, in my opinion mean, cliff hanger where Lucas phones someone and asks if they want to get married in Vegas. The scene between him phoning and proposing was Brooke, Peyton and Lindsay all answering the phone but which one did he call? I was on the edge of my seat when I found out he would finally choose the girl of his dreams and cannot wait to find out who it was.

Like Gossip Girl there is no information as to when it will air in the UK but this is simply a heads up that it will start hopefully soon. Visit the CW to see the advertisement for the first episode.

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