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Gossip Girl Season 2

News just hit me, Gossip Girl is returning for a second season and it begins in the USA on September the 1st on the CW network.

Obviously like every time a new season starts there are plenty of spoilers going round but what I can tell you is that it begins in The Hamptons, New York’s holiday destination of the rich and powerful. Chuck and Blair the ‘meant to be’ couple are off and taking great pleasure in making each other jealous. Nate and Serena after a brief fling over summer are off and on as in the sneak peak and adverts, we see Nate jumping out the window of a married women’s bedroom. Dan has apparently been two timing two women and Little J has been on an internship with Blair’s mum Eleanor. Some how the group all end up attending The White Party where mayhem as expected breaks out.

The above information has come from sneak peaks and the Gossip Girl advertisements that you can find on You Tube and CW online. No word on when it will begin playing in the UK but all I can say is I physically cannot wait!

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