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Love will Tear us Apart

ControlThis weekend I watched ‘Control’, a film based on the life of the late Ian Curtis lead singer of Joy Division. If you’re interested in Factory Records, Joy Division, beautifully made films or just tragic love stories then you need to give this a watch.

Filmed completely in black and white, the film charts Ian Curtis’ early life and career in Joy Division, right up until his suicide in 1980, aged just 23. Directed by Anton Corbijn, who filmed some of the band’s videos, ‘Control’ captures the intensity of Joy Division’s music, and the impact this had on their lead singer’s personal life. Amazingly the cast play all the music themselves – during live scenes the music you hear is the actors themselves playing and singing.

Sam Riley, who plays Ian Curtis had had no previous acting experience, but received huge critical acclaim for his portrayal of the troubled musician, despite only being born the year Curtis committed suicide.

A light-hearted rom-com this certainly isn’t, but if you’re looking for a though-provoking, emotive and wonderfully made film, you can’t do much better than ‘Control’.

Head to Amazon to pick up a copy for only £5.98.

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