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Conducting Celebrities

The Maestro StudentsWhether classical music is your bag or not, we all love seeing celebrities making a fool of themselves, and a new show starting tonight on BBC2 does just that. Maestro, airing tonight at 9pm sees famous faces including comedian Sue Perkins, former Blur bassist-turned-farmer Alex James, and news-reader Katie Derham attempt to learn how to conduct the BBC Concert Orchestra. In the timeless elimination format, each week someone will be voted off by a panel of judges.

The winner will then perform at BBC Proms in the Park in Hyde Park next month, in front of a rather daunting 30,000 people.

The show aims to shed some light on the art of conducting, and as the celebrities demonstrate, it’s not just a case of waving your arms about and keeping time.

Catch the first episode tonight, BBC2 9pm, where the students undertake the first part of their training, a 3 week stay at ‘Baton Camp’.

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