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Summer Sales at Topshop

Topshop SaleWhilst we might finally be experiencing a taste of summer this week, it’s inevitably going to come to a soggy end this weekend, and the shorts will be packed away again for who knows how long.

As a result of the definite lack of hot weather this year, most of us stuck in lovely old Blighty will have been reaching for a jumper rather than a halter neck recently. But every cloud, no matter how grey, has a silver lining, and this year’s summer sales are some of the best we’ve had in years, full of top notch summer clothes that we just didn’t want to buy, now available with massive reductions.

If you’re jetting off for some summer sun, or just plain optimistic, get rifling because there are bargains to be had. Topshop in particular have huge reductions across all ranges, including Kate Moss and the vintage ranges available in the flagship store on Oxford Street. I recently spotted a Christopher Kane dress reduced from £120 to £20.

One Response to “Summer Sales at Topshop”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Just moving from a typical hot, sunny Californian town to the cloudy and misty hills of San Francisco lets me know exactly what you mean by this lack of weather! Luckily, we’re supposed to see the sun during September and October making me optimistic enough to scope through Topshops’ sale. Thanks!