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Prep Your Pins for Summer

Pretty Polly Prep SetAt last the weather is changing for the better so we need to seriously think about getting our mini skirts and hot pants out from the back of the wardrobe. Before you do… have a quick look at your pins to see if they’re in a ready state to be on display. Chances are they’ve been hidden away for a few months now and probably aren’t looking great. But fear not, Pretty Polly is here to help with a whole range of products dedicated to preparing and perfecting your pins to their very best.

The blue colour coded collection is all about smoothing, de-fuzzing and getting your legs ready for a bit of colour. Items include Nourishing Leg Shaving Butter (£9), Invigorating Leg Scrub (£8) and Soothing Leg Gel (£6). This process can become a bit of a routine so make sure you pick a night when you have enough time to fit it all in, better still, invite your girly friends over and have a leg perfecting session together with a bottle of wine and some nibbles!

After you have prepped your legs accordingly you can whip out the Pretty Polly purple collection and start making them up. With this set you can choose from items such as Bronzed Leg Gloss (£8), Natural Tan Leg Bronzer (£7) and Velvet Bronze Leg Balm (£10).

Check out for information and history of the Pretty Polly collections and head over to Debenhams if you’d like to purchase the items.

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