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Choxi+ Chocolate that's Good for You?

Choxi+ ChocolateI have just read about a new brand of chocolate that is supposed to be good for you! Choxi+ was created by chocolatiers ‘Prestat’ and apparently contains more flavanol antioxidants that any other type of food including fruit and veg. This helps maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels and Prestat recommend eating 10g every day – sounds good to me!

The larger bars (70g/75g) can be bought in large Tesco Stores around the UK and you can also currently purchase them in specific stores in London including Selfridges in Oxford Street. A new Choxi+ Dark Chocolate 20g Mini Bar and Milk Chocolate 25g Mini Bar will be available from July.

Now you won’t feel quite so naughty when you feel the urge to indulge! Visit the Prestat Website for more information about this tasty little treat.

One Response to “Choxi+ Chocolate that's Good for You?”

  1. Hives Remedy Guru Says:

    This way we will all feel guilt free as we enjoy indulging in chocolate. Great blog thanks for sharing:-)