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One Tree Hill Season 5 Returns To E4

one-tree-hill-season-5.jpgJust when I thought TV was about to get boring I was enlightened by the news of One Tree Hill season 5 beginning on E4 this month.

I have already given a brief description on the new series when I found out there would be a season 5 but now I know its starting I feel a recap is in order. Last season left off at graduation, Dan possibly dying, Peyton and Brooke moving to LA, Lucas becomes assistant coach to Whitey in college and both Haley and Nathan and Karen having new born babies to look after. This season is set four years in to the future, after college when they all have jobs and there’s an exciting season ahead including more love triangles between Brooke, Peyton and Lucas and married life for Haley and Nathan is not as good as they thought it would be.

One Tree Hill returns on Monday the 9th of June on E4, visit the website for more information.

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