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Effen Vodka

effen-vodka.jpgIf you have a taste for vodka and a love for Smirnoff you might be interested to know about a new vodka called Effen vodka, a vodka that has a premium, smooth and clean taste.

The Effen vodka is created from a 120 year-old recipe that includes premium wheat and pure spring water which succeeds in contributing a sparkling taste to both cocktails and mixers.

The spirit is distilled in northern Holland and is now available in Harvey Nichols Foodmarkets nationwide costing £35 for a 700 ml bottle. It comes in 2 varieties both packaged in streamlined rubber bottles which ensure an easy grip and keeps vodka colder fro longer

One Response to “Effen Vodka”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I just searched for this vodka and came across it on here. It’s an excellent quality vodka of which I would recommend to anybody, beats smirnoff hands down.