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Little Black Dress exhibition coming soon

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

LBDIt’s a wardrobe staple, suitable for so many ocassions and yet it never goes out of style. What are we talking about? The little black dress (or LBD to those in the know), of course. It can be dressed up, dressed down and now the fashion item that we all have and love is getting a little public acclaim. Yes, the Fashion and Textile Museum in London is exhibiting a collection of LBDs and is openly asking for women to donate a photograph of theirs to the cause.

The exhibition, unsurprisingly called Little Black Dress, will be held from the 19th of June to the 25th of August and will not only feature pictures from the general public but top designer LBDs. A museum spokeswoman explained: “We want to know about your favourite dress. Be it cocktail or classic, sexy or chic, let us take a look.” The museum is particularly interested in any juicy stories associated with the dress, so if you feel like sharing a pic of your No. 1 frock with London email Dennis Nothdruft at [email protected] or call 020 7407 8664 by 30th of April.

For further information, visit the museum’s website and if your LBD makes the cut – do let us know.

Season 2 of Heroes tomorrow on BBC2

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Heroes returns to BBC2 tomorrow night (9pm) with the eagerly anticipated second season. After much promotion by the Beeb, the sci-fi show proved a hit with viewers last year and became a cult phenomenon spawning video games, t-shirts and comic books. Now the show is back, though in a shorter series, having been hit by the Hollywood writers strike.

The end of season one saw Peter ‘go nuclear’ in his bid to save New York City, Hiro ended up in feudal Japan and Sylar was beaten but not dead. This season continues with the same full-on energy and unpredictable action while managing to introduce some new faces as well (look out for Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell). For those of you hooked on the heroic antics of Claire, Parkman, Mohinder and co. we promise not to give away any plot spoilers, however if you do fancy whetting your appetite, check out the American trailer for season two below.

For more Heroes news, visit the BBC website.

Over the knee socks

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

over the knee socksManhattan rich kids Serena and Blair from ITV2’s new teen drama Gossip Girl can afford absolutely anything and are often decked out in the most fabulously expensive designer gear, but that hasn’t stopped the pair of feuding females from becoming style icons. Their Upper East Side look might seem a world away from life here in the UK, but one of their fashion favourites, over the knee socks, are proving popular on this side of the Atlantic with followers of the hit show.

There are various ways to work the look and they can be made a feature of or toned down as part of an ensemble. Website Madame Fantasy stocks a black version for £4.99; has them in a ribbing style (available in black, charcoal or light grey) for £8 and Tights Please sells them with an argyle pattern for £6.99 (pictured).

So whether you’re a loaded New York high school student or not, knee high socks are the new way to spice up your pins.

ZPM's bobble clasp purse

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

ZPM purseZPM’s website claims that the company’s philosophy is “to make products that are practical, stylish and absolutely built to last”, and taking a look at the wide range of items they offer The New Pink is impressed. The company has been enjoying a fair bit of press of late and they seem to marking out a niche for themselves as the most quirky label in bags of all types.

Their range is vast, encompassing everything from laundry bags to travel bags, from make-up bags to jewellery rolls and each one is highly detailed, pretty and stylish. We love this large fifties tea bobble clasp purse selling for £65 which features inner compartments to keep your mobile phone safe, a waterproof one for your make-up and even a matching make-up mirror.

To snatch up this bag or one of the many other beautiful ones from ZPM visit the site here.

BBC launches online ethical fashion magazine

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Thread modelFashion is gradually becoming more eco-conscious and hopping on board this trend is the BBC, which is launching an online ethical fashion magazine called Thread (model pictured). This magazine is aimed at 16 – 30-year-olds and launches tomorrow, coinciding nicely with the similarly themed four-part TV series Blood, Sweat and Tears on BBC Three. The magazine looks to cover a plethora of ethical concerns from sweatshops to the environmental cost of clothing manufacture.

Lending support to the launch is fashion designer Katherine Hamnett who said: “Thread is great because ethical fashion promises to be the next big thing and not just a passing fad. Young people are really interested in these issues.” With the tag line “fashion without victim”, Thread is hoping to spread its message of “eco-fabulous style” and even recruited top stylist Zoë James to help with the magazine’s first photo shoot.

To learn more about Thread, visit the official site.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream introduces new flavour

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Ben and Jerry’s Baked Alaska ice creamWe all know how tedious supermarket shopping can be. Stocking up on toilet roll and bread is never going to be a thrill-fest but happily there are certain aisles that can bring a smile to our face. One such aisle is the ice cream one and imagine our excitement at noticing a new flavour of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream called Baked Alaska.

This new naughty treat is described as “vanilla ice cream” (yum) “with marshmallow swirls” (yummier) “and white chocolatey polar bears” (yummiest!) White chocolate is a much more delicate taste than its darker counterparts and can get overwhelmed by stronger flavours, but here it assumes centre stage in the form of polar bears – woohoo! Ben and Jerry’s have long seemed like the more imaginative, weird option compared to Haagen Dazs’ more sophisticated and adult image, yet with such novel and tasty ways to scoff ice cream – who cares how it’s packaged or advertised? Just get stuck in!

To learn more about this and other delicious flavours of Ben and Jerry’s ice creams and frozen yoghurts, visit their website (no calories included!)

Season 2 of Shark on Five tonight

Friday, April 18th, 2008

SharkFans of legal dramas are in luck as US import Shark returns tonight for its second season (Five, 10pm). Shark follows top prosecutor Sebastian Stark, as played by Hollywood star James Woods, as he leads his team of bright young things to courtroom success. The show is a glossy affair, with the Los Angeles location adding plenty of sunshine and skyscraper skylines, but the gruesome crimes and tough law enforcement adds a rougher edge to proceedings.

Woods is on fine form as Shark, channeling his easy charm and likeability into a character that is ruthless, uncompromising and far from your conventional hero. In many ways, he is reminiscent of Hugh Laurie’s titular character House – a sharp mind that refuses to be tempered by society and with underlings looking to him for career guidance. Tonight Shark returns to investigate a murder of a movie studio executive that ends up leading to the Russian mafia.

To catch up on all the Shark gossip, head on over to the Five website.

Nelly's new music video

Friday, April 18th, 2008

All has been pretty quiet on the Nelly front for the past few years, but the rapper returns in some style with his new single, Party People, featuring The Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie. This is the first track to be released from his forthcoming Brass Knuckles album and sees the Hot In Here hitmaker back on top form. With its catchy hook and uptempo beat, fans are already eager for it to hit their local clubs.

Taking a peek at the music video (below) Fergie looks stunning, channeling a Moulin Rouge! vibe with her trapeze swinging, while Nelly looks like he’s been clocking some serious hours in the gym. The album isn’t released until June 23rd in the UK, but if you want to be first in line, pre-order a copy from for only £8.95, until then enjoy the video.

The Graham Norton Show tonight on BBC2

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

The Graham Norton ShowThe BBC is clearly determined to get their money’s worth out of star Graham Norton. The cheeky chappie is not only hosting I’ll Do Anything, the search for musical theatre performers to fill the roles of Nancy and Oliver in a new West End production of Oliver!, every Saturday night, but also returns to his chat show on BBC 2 tonight at 9pm. This twelve week run kicks off with the Irish host getting to grips with film actor Kevin Bacon and the Hollywood legend that is Tony Curtis. Swedish pop star Robyn will be performing her new single Who’s That Girl? (isn’t that an 80s Madonna song?) and as always we can expect the outrageous antics that made the show such a hit back on Channel 4.

For those of you that really love the show, why not nab yourself some tickets to go see Graham grill celebrities? If you’re able to get down to the London Studios on the South Bank and are free on Wednesdays, then visit the Standing Room Only website for further information on how you could be in the studio audience. For the rest of us, relive some of Graham’s most naughty moments on the BBC official website.

Fool's Gold at cinemas tomorrow

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

After the UK and Stateside success of Katherine Heigl’s 27 Dresses, it seems that Hollywood might have finally regained its passion for passion, with another rom-com set to delight audiences on general release this weekend. They proved a winning combination in 2003’s How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, so Hollywood stars Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey have reunited for Fools Gold. The film is a mixture of high adventure, goofy comedy and playful romance and sees the perma-tanned pair cavorting about in very little clothes – a perk for fans of both stars!

McConaughey plays Benjamin ‘Finn’ Finnegan, a treasure hunter whose obsession with striking gold ruined his marriage to Hudson’s Tess, yet the pair are thrown together again as clues for the elusive 18th Century Queens Dowry promise untold riches. Also on the hunt is Finn’s nemesis played by one of Britain’s reliable bad guys for hire, Ray Winstone. The film is frothy fluff full of sun, surf and silliness but for those of you depressed by the gloomy weather and in need of a romantic getaway, why not?

The trailer is below, while for further information visit the film’s official site.