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Nintendo Wii Fit

Wii Fit gameThe computer games industry usually targets its products to the male market, but all that has changed with Nintendo’s Wii Fit. For this new game is also being advertised to families, older people and women. This more generalised campaign appreciates the universal appeal of the Wii Fit as, like its name suggests, it is all about raising our heart rates, working up a sweat and all through playing a computer game.

The game features over 40 exercises and games, with these broken down into four categories: yoga, aerobic exercises, balance games and muscle conditioning. Upon buying it, you also get kitted out with a Wii balance board which helps you check and monitor your weight, your body mass index (BMI) and helps you customize games to best suit your personal fitness. With this, it measures your progress and helps set personalised goals. It seems like another masterstroke from Nintendo, following fast after the hugely popular Mario Kart Wii.

Many stores and online sites have already sold out of the game since its release only last Friday, but to get yourself fit with a Nintendo Wii, check out stock levels at Amazon.

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