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Madonna's Hard Candy album out next Monday

Hard Candy albumIt seems that people either love her or hate her (a bit like Marmite), but here at The New Pink we are always infinitely fascinated in the latest Madonna news. Is her marriage on the rocks? How are her adoption plans progressing and how does she keep that killer bod in shape? It’s what keeps us going while there’s no new music on the horizon, but the Material Girl is back doing what she does best next week – catchy, breezy, pop tunes.

Hard Candy, the long-anticipated new album hits store shelves next Monday and features the hit single 4 Minutes to Save the World featuring Justin Timberlake. Much has been made of the Queen of Pop’s decision to adopt a more R’n’B flavour on this album, having collaborated with hip-hop heavyweight producers such as Timbaland and Pharell Williams, but regardless of who she works with – this is still Madonna. She has constantly reinvented her look and sound throughout her 25 year career and now approaching 50 she is still teaching those young ‘uns how it’s done.

Order your copy of Hard Candy from for £8.95.

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