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Lost returns to Sky One on Sunday May 4th

LostCrippling production of American films and scripted TV shows, the writer’s strike had a negative knock-on effect for much of Hollywood’s entertainment community, with one result the mid-season pauses of many shows. One programme hit was Lost, with series four coming to an abrupt close after eight episodes. But happily the island drama returns to TV screens next Sunday night (Sky One, 9pm).

To go into plot details would be foolish, as Lost is so incredibly detailed and multi-layered that to start explaining the action would be the work of hours and hours. Rather, let’s look to the future. This, the ninth episode is the first of the final five remaining in the fourth season and is called ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, focusing on the leader of the Others and all-round rat, Benjamin Linus. So on Sunday night, remember to take your phone off the hook, lock your doors, switch off your lights as we learn more about the Oceanic 815 survivors and their island plight.

For more news on Lost, see the Sky One website.

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