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Season 2 of Heroes tomorrow on BBC2

Heroes returns to BBC2 tomorrow night (9pm) with the eagerly anticipated second season. After much promotion by the Beeb, the sci-fi show proved a hit with viewers last year and became a cult phenomenon spawning video games, t-shirts and comic books. Now the show is back, though in a shorter series, having been hit by the Hollywood writers strike.

The end of season one saw Peter ‘go nuclear’ in his bid to save New York City, Hiro ended up in feudal Japan and Sylar was beaten but not dead. This season continues with the same full-on energy and unpredictable action while managing to introduce some new faces as well (look out for Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell). For those of you hooked on the heroic antics of Claire, Parkman, Mohinder and co. we promise not to give away any plot spoilers, however if you do fancy whetting your appetite, check out the American trailer for season two below.

For more Heroes news, visit the BBC website.

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