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Over the knee socks

over the knee socksManhattan rich kids Serena and Blair from ITV2’s new teen drama Gossip Girl can afford absolutely anything and are often decked out in the most fabulously expensive designer gear, but that hasn’t stopped the pair of feuding females from becoming style icons. Their Upper East Side look might seem a world away from life here in the UK, but one of their fashion favourites, over the knee socks, are proving popular on this side of the Atlantic with followers of the hit show.

There are various ways to work the look and they can be made a feature of or toned down as part of an ensemble. Website Madame Fantasy stocks a black version for £4.99; has them in a ribbing style (available in black, charcoal or light grey) for £8 and Tights Please sells them with an argyle pattern for £6.99 (pictured).

So whether you’re a loaded New York high school student or not, knee high socks are the new way to spice up your pins.

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