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Ben & Jerry's ice cream introduces new flavour

Ben and Jerry’s Baked Alaska ice creamWe all know how tedious supermarket shopping can be. Stocking up on toilet roll and bread is never going to be a thrill-fest but happily there are certain aisles that can bring a smile to our face. One such aisle is the ice cream one and imagine our excitement at noticing a new flavour of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream called Baked Alaska.

This new naughty treat is described as “vanilla ice cream” (yum) “with marshmallow swirls” (yummier) “and white chocolatey polar bears” (yummiest!) White chocolate is a much more delicate taste than its darker counterparts and can get overwhelmed by stronger flavours, but here it assumes centre stage in the form of polar bears – woohoo! Ben and Jerry’s have long seemed like the more imaginative, weird option compared to Haagen Dazs’ more sophisticated and adult image, yet with such novel and tasty ways to scoff ice cream – who cares how it’s packaged or advertised? Just get stuck in!

To learn more about this and other delicious flavours of Ben and Jerry’s ice creams and frozen yoghurts, visit their website (no calories included!)

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