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First look at new Gladiators show

For those of you that have fond memories of John Fashanu shouting “awooga!” (what DID that mean?), Ulrika Jonsson flirting with the muscle men and the ‘scary’ Wolf barking at kids in the audience, its good news as Gladiators is returning! The TV show that proved popular Saturday night ITV entertainment back in the early 90s is being resurrected by Sky One with a whole new crop of gladiators and new challenges.

Over the course of the series due to start next month, 32 competitors will take on the mighty gladiators over a number of physical challenges with the eventual series winner walking away with £50,000 for their troubles. Sky One has already announced that another former footie star will be co-hosting, this time Ian Wright as accompanied by Kirsty Gallagher. The satellite station is solidly stepping up its promotion of the show, with this clip below a tasty teaser of all the sweaty combat that’s to come. So take a look and pick which toned behemoth you’re the most scared of and with names such as Tempest, Inferno and Spartan they’re really ramping up the fear factor!

For more news on this or other Sky One shows, visit the official site.

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