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Pushing Daisies starts on ITV1 on Saturday

Pushing Daisies logoITV really do seem to be upping their commitment to American imports of late (Dexter, Gossip Girl, etc.), with Pushing Daisies the latest show to make the trip over the Atlantic. Heavily promoted by the network and enjoying a primetime Saturday night slot (9pm), Pushing Daisies has received great critical acclaim in its homeland having been nominated for three Golden Globe awards and was considered by many critics the stand-out new show of the season. It is a comedy/ drama with a lyrical, whimsical quality akin to a modern day fairytale or a happier Tim Burton offering.

Like many current American shows, it stars one of own in a central role – ex-Brookside actress Anna Friel. Anna stars as Chuck, the childhood sweetheart of Ned (Lee Pace), who is murdered. Thankfully, Ned has the ability to bring people back from the dead with just a single touch – phew. Perversely though, once resuscitated, Ned can never touch them again otherwise they die for good – a serious drawback when he and Chuck rekindle their love. Add in lots of spontaneous singing, offbeat humour and quirky charm and ITV could be on to a winner. Check out the official site for more details.

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