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Trailer for Leatherheads out this Friday

If we were to say Gorgeous George, who would you think of? Immediately your mind journeys back to memories of Dr. Doug Ross in ER, the suave Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven and the two-time winner of People’s Sexiest Man crown. George Clooney sets hearts a racing like few other current male celebs and yesterday he exposed London to a little of his old-school charm. George was in town to attend the premiere of his new movie Leatherheads (and talk with Prime Minister Gordon Brown about the situation in Darfur), a film that opens in UK theatres this Friday.

Co-starring ex-lady friend Renee Zellweger and John Krasinski (from America’s version of The Office), Leatherheads is the third directorial outing for Clooney and is a romance, old-fashioned screwball comedy, underdog tale and sports movie all rolled into one. It might sound an unlikely mix and with the focus on American football, the 1920s-set film might not sound like a crowd-pleaser. Thankfully, there is far more to it than jocks in helmets with Clooney’s goofy antics reminiscent of his turn in Coen’s classic O, Brother Where Art Thou? Get your Clooney fix with the trailer below or visit the film’s official site for more information.

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