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Lark Rise to Candleford on DVD

Lark Rise to CandlefordLark Rise to Candleford has only just finished its run on BBC1, yet already the popular Sunday-night show is available to buy on DVD. Based on the classic Flora Thompson story, the ten episode period drama follows the daily lives of a colourful cast of characters in nineteenth century Oxfordshire. Young Laura (Olivia Hallinan) takes centre stage, a rural girl raised in small village Lark Rise who is taken under the wing of the independent and spirited post-mistress Dorcas Lane (a fantastic Julia Sawalha) in nearby town Candleford. As Laura comes of age in this new environment, her loyalties are divided between her roots and her future.

This four-disc edition of the hit programme might be light on special features, but it is rich with warmth, gentle humour and lovable characters. The show was a surprise hit for the Beeb, regularly attracting audiences of six million and it is easy to see why it proved so popular. For your slice of rural life, grab a copy of Lark Rise to Candleford available from for £25.98.

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