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New cinema releases this weekend

Awake film posterIt’s another quiet week at the cinema for new releases, as Katherine Heigl’s rom-com 27 Dresses currently proves a silver screen success. However, for those of you looking to venture out to your local multiplex this weekend, there are a handful of new films for your consideration. The most high-profile of these is the much publicized Awake. Starring Star Wars’ Hayden Christiansen and The Fantastic Four’s Jessica Alba, the thriller explores the medical horror of awaking during your own surgery.

Aiming for a younger crowd is Never Back Down. The film comes light on star names but with its high school setting and underdog story (outsider takes on bully in fighting, similar to The Karate Kid), could prove a winner with audiences. On a more serious note is the creepy Funny Games, starring Naomi Watts (The Ring) and Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs) as a couple held hostage on their holiday, while comedy fans might prefer Son of Rambow, a light-hearted, British homage to the Stallone starrer. For more information on these films and all the weekend’s new releases, head on over to IMDb.

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