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Katherine Heigl denies she's the new Julia Roberts

27 Dresses posterHer new rom-com ’27 Dresses’ is currently riding high atop the UK box office, but star Katherine Heigl is down-playing her success. Critics have compared the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actress to Oscar-winner Julia Roberts, but Heigl believes such comparisons are far from fair to Roberts. “I can’t help but feel that’s (the comparison) is a little insulting to Julia Roberts,” argues the ‘Knocked Up’ star. “There’s not another woman who I look at and think, ‘That’s it, that’s whose career I want to have.’ “I’m just me and trying to do the best I can in every decision in any given moment”.

Heigl’s transition from the small to the silver screen has had many people wondering whether she will leave the hit medical drama where she plays Dr. Isobel Stevens. “When I come back to Grey’s, I am actually really excited. After nine months a year for four years, of course you’re going to think, ‘I want to be someone else for a while.’ I landed really good things and I did them in my breaks. It broke up the monotony of the character and I’m very, very grateful for opportunities. But Grey’s is such a good cast. Everybody is amazing”. Season three of Grey’s is showing on Five (Thursdays, 10pm) or click here for the ’27 Dresses’ trailer.

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