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The Inbetweeners on E4 tomorrow

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

The InbetweenersE4 is branching out with a new British sitcom starting on the channel tomorrow night (10pm). The Inbetweeners is a six-part series that follows the suburban lives of four male teenagers trying to make sense of their lives as they come of age. The action centres on Will, who after the divorce of his parents, moves house and starts at a new school where he befriends Simon, Jay and Neil.

Staying true to previous comedies of teenage boys such as last year’s Superbad and American Pie, The Inbetweeners is characterised by the lads’ desperation to have sex and even comes with the tag-line “basically, they just want to get laid”. And after the recent success of Welsh sitcom Gavin + Stacey at the BAFTAs, maybe sitcoms’ focusing on youngsters is a new trend emerging.

To learn more about The Inbetweeners, visit the E4 site.

Iron Man in cinemas this Friday

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Comic book films have come to define the box office summer season and kicking things off this weekend is a new kid on the block – Iron Man. The film stars Hollywood maverick Robert Downey Jnr. in the central role as billionaire weapons expert Tony Stark who becomes the title’s crime-fighting superhero. The actor, better known for his off-screen antics and cool, lazy charm, is an unconventional choice to carry such a big-budget, action extravaganza, but with a supporting cast of Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges and Jon Favreau (Swingers, Elf) behind the lens, the film has a strong ensemble.

Iron Man marks a historical move from Marvel Comics as it is their first stab at producing their own work, rather than handing over creative control to a Hollywood studio (as per Spiderman with Sony). It is also the first big film to be released from this summer’s exciting line-up including the likes of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Dark Knight and Wall-E.

To get better acquainted with Iron-Man, check out the trailer below or visit the film’s official website.

Celebrity documentary series Exposed tomorrow on Living

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Charlotte Church autobiographyFor those of us hooked on the shenanigans of showbiz folks, Living brings us a new series that looks beyond the celebrity gloss into the lives of our favourite famous faces. Adding a novel dimension to the conventional ‘through the keyhole’ format, Exposed takes its cue from a well-known and defining image of the featured star and questions how accurate that is. Each week a new celebrity will be featured with the inside gossip coming courtesy of those that have worked with, written about, photographed and studied the star in question.

Names slated to appear include actors such as Tom Cruise, Jude Law, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie, supermodel Kate Moss, pop star Britney Spears and those famous for being famous such as Paris Hilton and the all-conquering Victoria Beckham. The series starts tomorrow night (8pm) with a look at Welsh darling Charlotte Church and will surely look at her early rise to fame, high-profile romance with rugby star Gavin Henson and new journey into motherhood.

To learn about the private life of Miss Church away from the headlines, catch Exposed: Charlotte Church tomorrow night or pick up her autobiography Keep Smiling from

Nintendo Wii Fit

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Wii Fit gameThe computer games industry usually targets its products to the male market, but all that has changed with Nintendo’s Wii Fit. For this new game is also being advertised to families, older people and women. This more generalised campaign appreciates the universal appeal of the Wii Fit as, like its name suggests, it is all about raising our heart rates, working up a sweat and all through playing a computer game.

The game features over 40 exercises and games, with these broken down into four categories: yoga, aerobic exercises, balance games and muscle conditioning. Upon buying it, you also get kitted out with a Wii balance board which helps you check and monitor your weight, your body mass index (BMI) and helps you customize games to best suit your personal fitness. With this, it measures your progress and helps set personalised goals. It seems like another masterstroke from Nintendo, following fast after the hugely popular Mario Kart Wii.

Many stores and online sites have already sold out of the game since its release only last Friday, but to get yourself fit with a Nintendo Wii, check out stock levels at Amazon.

Get down to the TopShop sale

Monday, April 28th, 2008

TopShop tea dressFashion wise it’s a strange time of year. We might be only days away from May, but in the UK the weather swings unpredictably between cold, dark and wet winter conditions and bright, warm summer sunshine. So, how to dress when you can’t know if you’ll need an umbrella or sunglasses? Not to worry readers, as TopShop is here to help with a mid-season sale. This collection includes over 650 lines and ensures that you can nab a cosy woolly or a flimsy summer top depending on your needs.

So often it seems that stores bring out the naff items that have long clogged up the shop for seasons, but having had a serious snoop, we’re happy to say how impressed we are with the range available. Among the stock is this gem of a bargain – a gorgeous floral, pastel tea dress with frill detail that has been reduced from £45 to £20.

To nab your own sales snip, head on over to the online store or head for your nearest TopShop.

The Golden Compass out on DVD/ Blu-Ray today

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Golden Compass DVDFantasy films seem to be riding a wave of popularity presently, with most adaptations of best-selling books such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Harry Potter films, and following in this current trend comes The Golden Compass. Based on the first book from Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, the film opened to mediocre reviews and box office last year and will be hoping to earn back some of its massive budget and lost credibility when audiences revisit it in the comfort of their own homes.

Starring Bond star Daniel Craig and A-list Hollywood leading lady Nicole Kidman, the film is a fantasy adventure that follows the journey of 12-year-old Lyra (newcomer Dakota Blue Richards) as she tries to save a friend and ends up battling for much more. With fighting polar bears, beautiful witches (look out for Casino Royale’s Eva Green) and top-notch special effects (which won the film its only Oscar), there is much for fans of the books and the fantasy genre to admire and fall in love with.

Make up your own mind on the film available in single disc, two disc special edition and Blu-Ray formats today from

Lost returns to Sky One on Sunday May 4th

Friday, April 25th, 2008

LostCrippling production of American films and scripted TV shows, the writer’s strike had a negative knock-on effect for much of Hollywood’s entertainment community, with one result the mid-season pauses of many shows. One programme hit was Lost, with series four coming to an abrupt close after eight episodes. But happily the island drama returns to TV screens next Sunday night (Sky One, 9pm).

To go into plot details would be foolish, as Lost is so incredibly detailed and multi-layered that to start explaining the action would be the work of hours and hours. Rather, let’s look to the future. This, the ninth episode is the first of the final five remaining in the fourth season and is called ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, focusing on the leader of the Others and all-round rat, Benjamin Linus. So on Sunday night, remember to take your phone off the hook, lock your doors, switch off your lights as we learn more about the Oceanic 815 survivors and their island plight.

For more news on Lost, see the Sky One website.

Madonna's Hard Candy album out next Monday

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Hard Candy albumIt seems that people either love her or hate her (a bit like Marmite), but here at The New Pink we are always infinitely fascinated in the latest Madonna news. Is her marriage on the rocks? How are her adoption plans progressing and how does she keep that killer bod in shape? It’s what keeps us going while there’s no new music on the horizon, but the Material Girl is back doing what she does best next week – catchy, breezy, pop tunes.

Hard Candy, the long-anticipated new album hits store shelves next Monday and features the hit single 4 Minutes to Save the World featuring Justin Timberlake. Much has been made of the Queen of Pop’s decision to adopt a more R’n’B flavour on this album, having collaborated with hip-hop heavyweight producers such as Timbaland and Pharell Williams, but regardless of who she works with – this is still Madonna. She has constantly reinvented her look and sound throughout her 25 year career and now approaching 50 she is still teaching those young ‘uns how it’s done.

Order your copy of Hard Candy from for £8.95.

H & M launch Marimekko influenced range

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

H & M Marimekko rangeHigh street chain H & M is clearly determined to get everyone wearing bright colours for summer with the launch of their range titled A Tribute to Marimekko. For the uninitiated, Marimekko is a Finnish company established back in the 1950s that really set the fashion trends of the 1960s and 1970s with high profile women such as Jackie Kennedy wearing their trademark rainbow colours and bold prints. Now, H & M are doffing their cap to the style of Marimekko with a collection for both men and women that celebrates the quirky, offbeat style in a whole host of items.

True to tradition, the range is full of clashing vivid colours and graphic prints, and is available in toned down, everyday items such as blouses (£9.99 – pictured) to more unusual pieces such as a retro swimsuit (£19.99) or tight, cropped trousers (£29.99). The Marimekko style might not be for everyone, but it’s great to see H & M once again taking risks and leading the way.

Check out the online store for further information on the Marimekko range for men and women.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall out tomorrow

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Another week, another rom-com, though expect this one to be a little more raucous and naughty than recent offerings 27 Dresses and Fool’s Gold. Forgetting Sarah Marshall comes from the Judd Apatow stable of comedies that have tickled our funny bones with the likes of The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, and sees one of Knocked Up’s supporting actors, Jason Segel assume centre stage. Segel (who also wrote the screenplay) plays Peter Bretter, a lovable guy who finds his world turned upside down when his beloved girlfriend the titular Sarah Marshall (as played by ex-Veronica Mars and Heroes star Kristen Bell) dumps him.

In a bid to recover from the heartbreak, Peter takes off for a holiday in Hawaii only to find Sarah is also there with her new man, outrageous lothario Aldous Snow (played by our very own Russell Brand). The comedy is typically rude and silly, but retains the heart and warmth needed for such subject matter. Superbad’s Jonah Hill, 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer (receptionist Kenneth) and Apatow regular Paul Rudd all make appearances in this bawdy sex romp.

Check out the trailer below and visit the film’s official site for more information.