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27 Dresses out this Friday

Grey’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl proved herself a bona fide movie actress in last year’s Knocked Up and now she is the entering more traditional rom-com fare with 27 Dresses. The concept of the film is pretty simple – Katherine as nice girl Jane is always the bridesmaid and never the bride and guess how many times she’s done this? Yep, a whopping 27! She plans the wedding of her sister to the man she loves (played by Ed Burns), only to meet a handsome stranger (Enchanted’s wonderful James Marsden.) Of course this being a rom-com, the ending seems pretty obvious – I suspect love and a happy ending, but isn’t that the charm of it all?

27 Dresses performed well in the US and is set to captivate romance-starved audiences here in Blighty when it opens this Friday. See the trailer below or head to the movie’s official site.

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