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Unusual Easter gifts at Amazon

Rubber Duck giftFor those of you that like to give more unusual gifts, take a peek at some of the Easter treats that online shopping Gods Amazon are offering. No chocolate eggs here, rather they offer a variety of patterned rubber ducks and some cute Peter Rabbit goodies. Of course, these might sound a bit too random and kooky to hand over to your grandparents, but the ducks which come in a variety of colours and themes (choose from horror, gothic, gun, lush, pop and others) have bagged the gift of the year award and have been showcased on TV shows such as Big Brother and Emmerdale.

Peter Rabbit gifts include flower pots, tote bags, toys and jigsaws and are a nice spin on a traditional favourite. To scan these and a whole host of other unconventional Easter gifts, head on over to and if you do give one such treat to your loved ones this Sunday – remember to say where you got the idea from!

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