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Dirty Sexy Money

dirty-sexy-money.jpgAnother brand new hit US TV show is coming to the UK and this time it reflects the lives of people with power, privilege and family money.

The shows centred family are the Darlings. Each member of the family have more money than sense and are always getting themselves into sticky situations that they try to employ Nick George, a lawyer for the disadvantaged who watched his father protect the darlings until his mysterious death get them out of. The position which offers an ungodly salary soon shapes into being many positions under one title including therapist, PR expert and all-around problem fixer. Sounds like another scandalous and exciting TV show.

Enjoy the ABC show that begins on Good Friday at 9pm on Channel 4 in the UK that will have you sickened by the scandalous lives of the elitist family the darlings. For more information visit Channel 4 online.

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