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Bianca and Ricky return to Eastenders

It’s what all Eastenders fans have been waiting for – the return of Ricky and Bianca. The iconic couple has been gone from Albert Square for quite some time (Ricky since 2004 and Bianca since 1999), but is set to return in a storyline Eastenders chiefs hope will supercharge the BBC soap. So for those of you needing a re-cap, Ricky and Bianca married in 1997 but after she slept with her mother’s boyfriend Dan Sullivan, the couple split. They had a son, Liam, who accompanied Bianca as she left Walford. A 2002 spin-off show Ricky and Bianca re-united the couple briefly in Manchester, only for Bianca to once again bail on Ricky, this time leaving their son under his care.

And so we’re bang up to date. The teaser trailer below trades on Bianca’s trademark holler of her ex’s name and promises more tempestuous trauma between the pair. Will they get back together? What have they both been up to in their missing years and will audiences still enjoy their noisy rows? Catch all the East End fireworks later in the month and for more on the soap, visit the official website.

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