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What to see at the cinema this week

10,000 B.C posterFor those of you less than interested in Sport Relief tonight, there is always the option to visit your local cinema and enjoy some silver screen fun. We’re still some months away from the big blockbusters of the summer, with UK cinemas traditionally showing more varied content at this time of year, but for those of you hankering for some impressive special effects and high-tempo action antics, look no further than 10,000 B.C. This neanderthal romp from director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow) might have left critics cold, but it proved a hit in the US and looks set to repeat strong business here.

Other new options include the British low-budget comedy/ horror The Cottage and Brian De Palma’s examination of the Iraq war in Redacted. For more family friendly fare, Dr. Seuss animation Horton Hears a Who boasts the vocal talents of comedians Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell, while current Disney hot property Miley Cyrus continues to charm the pre-teen crowd with Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour. For news on these and all other cinema releases, visit the IMDb website.

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