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Britney Spears' new video: Break the Ice

Nowadays Britney Spears seems to be more of a fixture in gossip columns than on the dance floor, but that could be all set to change with her single, Break the Ice. The third release from the Blackout album, Britney doesn’t appear in the video and instead vamps it up as an anime character. Whether the animated version actually resembles the star is up for debate, but with a catchy uptempo beat it does remind you more of classic Britney than some of her other recent efforts.

Fans have complained that the animation is too busy, that it doesn’t compliment the song and that it is too similar in style to previous Daft Punk videos. Similarly, those keen to see the star are disappointed at her absence and have accused her of laziness. Decide for yourself if the criticisms are valid with this look at the new music video for Break the Ice.

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