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Propose to your man on February 29th

Leap year picFor many, this Friday might be more important as the last working day of the week (woo- hoo!) but as the 29th of February, it is also a leap year. There is a commercial from Galaxy chocolate that encourages women to enjoy this extra day and rather predictably, indulge in a little cocoa fun, but traditionally this day means more to females than a sugary snack – it means we can propose marriage to men. Now of course in this enlightened 21st Century, we ladies don’t need history to approve of our life choices, but for those that like having century’s worth of support – tomorrow is the day to talk commitment with your man.

Where did this bizarre custom come from? The Scottish parliament as ruled over by Queen Margaret introduced a law in 1288 that a women could propose on such a day. If the man said no, he should offer a gift of a silk gown, gloves or a kiss to avoid disappointment, with Switzerland and France also enjoying similar traditions. So practice getting down on one knee this leap year and of course, let us know here at The New Pink how it all goes. See the Leapzine for further info.

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