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US drama Dexter on ITV1

Dexter seriesDexter might not be your usual ITV1 fare, but it really is unmissable TV. First shown on FX last year, the debut series hits terrestrial screens tonight at 10.35pm and for those of you that like your shows with intelligence, spice and intrigue – be sure to tune in. The American import is one of many recently snapped up by the ITV network (look out for Pushing Daisies starring our own Anna Friel to be shown soon) and is the dark tale of Dexter Morgan – a good guy that by day helps catch murderers through his blood splatter analysis role for the Miami police, only at night to go out and kill those that deserve it.

He is essentially a serial killer with a conscience, and though this moral murkiness and violence might sound off-putting and confusing, the show remains charming, witty and engaging. Six Feet Under’s Michael C. Hall stars as the complex Dexter in a programme that could be your week’s televisual highlight. Interested? Skip on over to the ITV website for more information.

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