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styleshake.JPGStyleshake is a bespoke fashion brand that allows lovely ladies like ourselves to create our own individual and inspiring dress design and the opportunity to then share it with the creative community.

It’s a perfect site for us Stella McCartney wannabes. This is the chance you have been waiting for, to become a fashion designer!! All you need is a computer. Step into the design studio and create what you have always desired and the best bit is once you have created you master piece, just click ‘buy’ and it will arrive on your doorstep 10 days later.

In the design studio choose from a variety of coloured materials in either cotton or silk and then let the creation begin. You start with the upper bodice of the dress and design each piece right down to the trimmings you require. It’s a true means for self expression with over 15,000 different combinations to choose from

So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a fashion designer then click on and let your creative side go wild!!

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