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Over Her Dead Body

over-her-dead-body.jpgThis is one chick flick you have to go see! A successful and romantic comedy, that will make you shed a tear and laugh your head off if sarcasm is your thing.

Kate (Eva Longoria) is a bossy but endearing woman soon to be married to Henry (Paul Rudd) until an unfortunate accident occurs and she passes over to the other side. She then returns to Earth as a ghost to haunt a psychic, Ashley (Lake Bell) and prevent her from falling in love with her old fiancé. Eva Longoria shines in the hilariously funny character, much like her Desperate Housewives character Gabrielle.

A good long overdue romantic comedy in cinemas nationwide now. Visit the movie website for trailers and more information.

2 Responses to “Over Her Dead Body”

  1. Ambrosiality Says:

    I saw it! I was expecting the worst, so I ended up enjoying it.

    Eva Longoria’s character was a bit too similar to her Desperate housewives character though. Anyways Jason Bigg’s character was awesome!

  2. Charlie Says:

    I know it is described as a “chick flick”, but as a guy, I enjoyed it too.
    What can I say; it was a funny film. Also, what red blooded male would not want to watch Eve Longoria :)
    Certainly got to be better than the Chipmunks film that my daughter originally wanted to see.